Posted by: antyx | February 22, 2008

A Guide for All Space/Time/Reality travellers


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So what are the means of achieving traveling without moving? Here are is my personal guide to all of you fellow travelers out there. The following list includes everything from music, to software, documentaries and wikipedia articles to make you interconnect with the cosmos. Please read on…

1. Ambient Music

1.1 Artists
The Mystery of the Yeti
Carbon Based Lifeforms
Aes Dana
Solar Fields
The Future Sound of London
Boards of Canada
Steve Roach
Robert Rich
You can also check out my short Extreterrestrial Electronic/Ambient guide or
Beyonds Zero’s group Artist Connections
..or anything under the ambient, psychill, psydub tag

1.2 Web Stations

Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast
Bluemars – Music for the space traveler
Cryosleep – Zerobeat guaranteed
Drone Zone – Atmospheric textures with minimal beats
Dark Ambient Station
Mixing Particulate Solids
OEM Radio
Groove Salad

[All above can be found in Shoutcast]

1.3 Labels

Ultimae Records
Twisted records

1.4 Ambient Music Guides & Reviews

Sleepbot: Ambience For The Masses
Star’s End – World & Chillout
Ambient Reviews

2. Visualisations

Visuals for Winamp
Visuals for WMP
Visual Software for Linux

3. Animations

Fantastic Planet
Star Shpongled Banner
Flashback with Albert Hoffman as the Shamman

4. Documentaries

Carl’s Sagan Cosmos: Pale Blue Dot
Carl’s Sagan Cosmos: All Episodes (Stage6)
Carl Sagan’s Cosmos: All Episodes (Guba)
Alien Planet (Discovery Channel)
The Universe I Loved (60+ Greek Astropsysics/Astronomy Documentary Series)
Visions Of The Future (BBC Horizon) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
The Legend Of Atlantis (All Parts)
BBC Horizon – Time Traveling
The illusion of reality
Ufo’s = The Secret Evidence
Thunderbolts of The Gods
Secret Space
Sacred Weeds

..or anything related by searching:
Stage6 Divx
Google Video

5. Astronomy Software

Google Earth with Sky View
Starry Night Backyard

6. Movies

2001 Space Odyssey
The Matrix
Waking Life
..or anything under the gerne sci-fi

7. TV Series

The X-Files
The Twilight Zone

8. Mind

Lucid Dreaming
Out Of Body Experience
Astral Projection
Yoga Practice

9. Outdoor Activities

Observing and reflectin the world and cosmos
Star Gazing
Attending Local Raves and Music Festivals

A small part of the legendary Cosmos documentary series by Carl’s Sagan explaining the visions of mankind for space travel:



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