Posted by: antyx | April 10, 2008

Why the transition to enviromental friendly means of energy production is essential to our survival

Man has always kept a progressing pace of development throughout his excistance on earth, steadily accelerating his ability to produce, share and distribute goods & ideas. We want to think that our time we live in is special, because of our technical and social progressions that have occurred in the 20th century. To my view every era is special to those living in it, so i guess that i’m supposedly living in the most exciting era of all time. What actually made the past century special were the vast technological achievements thanks to the rebirth of science during the Renaissance and because of the dynamics and form of the capitalistic economic system. We managed to go to mars, explore the earth, produce vast means of transportation, make machines that think for us, build a global information network and many other numerous achievements that we proudly boast about as human beings. All the above came at a big cost though. In the 20th century we relied mainly on fosil fuel in order to produce energy for manufacturing products, electricity and for the needs of energy mobility for transportation. All this mass production could not have come without a big cost: The harming and destabilizing of our natural environment. Although we may think, because our population has becoming more urbanized than ever, the change of the stability of the environment will not affect us, there is a need for worrying and taking action.

Free and renewable energy is not something new, but practically comes back from the time of Nicola Tesla, a great scientist and humanist. The 1st realization for preventing climate change was politically expressed through the Kioto committee in 1997. Ironically the US, ironically the main producer of CO2 emissions did not commit to a nationwide scale in reducing them. European nations, either by national politics or either through the European Union’s environmental acts has shown to be an example of sustainable growth, combined with low CO2 emissions and environmental policies that show remarkable results. Though we may not fully realize that the environment acts as a unity and our biosphere is a global interactive organism, the pollution produced by single nations affect the balance of the whole biosphere. National politics always affects almost everything that occurs in a country, so decisions on environmental policy could not be an exclusion. At least in the European Union i am aware of nationwide policies on reducing energy consumption and plans on steadily decreasing every European nation from fossil fuel. Realistically this is a great example of sustinable grow model but unfortunately, the manufacturing power have been taken by the eastern nations. China and India for instance have shown great leaps on the growth of the value of their domestic product, but unfortunately till this day renable and clean energy production is more expensive so not much of that is used. Though some right wing politicians and industrialists are not yet convinced that we have harmed the environment enough in order to take drastic action, scientific studies and meteorologic data have started to make reality the need of transforming our economy to an environmental conscious. In practice though, the way we humans affect the planet and way we do things does not always have to do with politics and sophisticated technology. E

very human act originates from his state of mind and the way he perceives what is important and what is not. Action in a personal level is crucial for shaping the form of our society and our effects on the planet. Everything starts and ends from us, so the a new sustainable growth model depends on us. Natural and physical elements have given way to unnatural and synthetic ones. Actions we so easily decide on and have such a near sighted view upon, will make us some day pay the price of our narrow sightedness.



  1. The big pay back will be for my grandchildren! They will have whatever we leave behind in this world. Possible pollution all over and massive problems for the environment, and social economy! We are starting to feel the effects of our forefathers right now, in a lot of ways!
    Anyway, thought I would let you know that I’m trying to do something about it! It all starts at home! Change starts within us, and you know it definetely has its everlasting effects!
    See you in LastFm sweetie!
    your friend

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