Posted by: antyx | June 29, 2008

Ubuntu: A Linux Success Story

I try to avoid writing technical howtos in my blog, because i simply dont have any extra technical advice to give more than is allready there in the web and somehow find ready solutions to any technical problem by a simple search. Although i try not to bore myself on techtalk i though i should write about a fantastic linux distrubition i’ve been using for over a year now, which initially made me switch to Linux , a wonderfull, free & open desktop operating system. I have always been using a computer from an early age. Back in the mid 90’s, a small kid like me back then had the only choise on using Windows 95 or any of its successors. Adminitingly it was during the 90’s the only widespread complete operating system with a graphical interface. Through the progression of time an emerging operating system came to be, though it lacked a consistent graphical interface during the 90’s. In 1991 when the first lines of code were writen, so the birth of the GNU operating system was marked, know as GNU/Linux or just Linux. Due its open structure and the freedoms it gives the end users, Linux Distrubutions were born, which consist of a sum of free software neartly packed and easy to install. They do not refer to Linux’s version, but rather name of a pack of free software, which are installable in Desktop Computers. The three major distrubutions which drew the path to future distrubutions: Debian, Slackware, Redhat. Ubuntu Linux, a debian based distro, happens to be my current Linux distro.

Ubuntu has drawn a lot of attention in the past years fro the computer world, due its user friendlyness  and focus on simplicity. Though many people critisize its approach to simplicity, they must aqknowlege t,he fact that it is the main reason of Linux’s steady addoption rate. I have thought that the next step i should follow is changing my distro to something for more experienced users, but i have made some seconds thoughts only because Ubuntu has the better support fron anything else. Deb files and Ubuntu repositories are a common thing in 3rd party software providers combined with the quality of support provided by the ubuntu forums. which seems to cover my troubleshooting i have faced till now. The company behind ubuntu and all it’s successful forks (Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu etc.) is canonical, founded by a wealthy South African Space Tourist (Mark Shuttleworth). His vision was big and he seems to have achieved his goal to a certain point projecting his personal philosophy to this project. After 4 years he initiated the ubuntu project he had managed to be the 1st distro which is bulded with Dell computers and in many cases has made govermental and other organisation to be able to easily switch to this free OS. Free and open software to me extendes far more from a technical viewpoint. Yes it is cutting edge, stable and extremly dynamic software though what mostly exites me is the ability of modern civilisation to manyfacture and distribute  a quality intellectual product to everyone free of charge with ansolutely no strings attached to its use. Linux is able to prove that people can gain profit from developing free and open software by not charging the software itself.

The main question is how we can project this community driven activity and final product could be adopted to more aspect of our society apart from software and knowledge? Money, energy, food and transportation is some elements we can’t do without as humans nowdays. We must firstly examine the complex systems work in order to provide us these elements and try to work our way around into addopting an open and unhirechical way to distribute them. The above statement surelly needs another entry for further examination but my main view is to avoid seeing any system (Linux etc) abstracted from society itself.


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