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Science & Cosmology vs Religion & Metaphysics


From the age of renaissance and after the rebirth of science and classical thinking, the mainstream religious authority of its time was consisted by the catholic  and Byzantine church which frequently used its power and influence in order to fight against new ideas and views of the physical world. Bold scientists and thinkers, contrary to the everyday perceptions dared to make the step ahead in order to introduce new ways of analysing and perceiving the physical world around us. In one hand mainstream Christianic religion lead by the catholic church based its cosmological model on the Judea-Christianic writings of the old testament and never let anyone question the common spread analysis of them.

Through the book of genesis the 7 day process which the cosmos was created was literally perceived and preached by the church as the  plausible explaination of how the universe came to be. On the other hand Western scientific thinking which led back from Ionia and classical Greece was consisted by various theories of how the world came to be. Through logic, logos (Λόγος – Pure Though) many thinkers managed to introduced a new ways of how things came to be. Of course all this was done clearly through observation and analysis of nature and the phenomenology of the physical world around them they managed to lead to trustworthy conclusions. Technological means for experimenting were obsolete compared to today’s standards. Nevertheless it still stands astonishing the great leaps on just theorising about things. During the renaissance a systematic effort to revive this way of thinking was made by mathematicians, physicists, biologists and theoretics. Introduction and quantitative analysis of concepts such as gravity, matter and energy are some examples of the leaps some minds in that era made using mathematical and logical tools in order to come to trustworthy conclusions. A mechanistic model of the universe was steadily introduced where no greater power (otherwise god) was needed in order to make thinks work. That scientific concept was the main reason of the up to this time opposition of the church towards fundamental scientific theories.Originally the fight against these new ideas were widespread throughout Europe with the burning of books and handwritings. Today though, science is not treated like those days and is more likely to be controlled by various other economic and political factors. The church nevertheless still stands by its old views about the world and universe through its mistaken analysis of the symbolisms and parallelisms of the bible itself.

Till now through scientific method and reasoning, in order to explain some physical phenomenons there was no need for the God hypothesis. Each event could be systematically analysed and explained through logic. New advances in cosmological theory and observation introduce new challenges to our way of thinking. They consists on their own a new revolution. Astronomy, mathematics and modern physics blended together & evolved into what is called New Cosmology. Modern cosmological theories have come to a point where they can analyse and explain numerous metaphysical phenomena, where traditionally classical science just ruled out as non scientific. With the use of neurophysiology, biology and psychology ,some metaphysical phenomenons which have to do with humans and their interaction with their physical environment can be fully analysed and explained with the use of the above scientific methods. Phenomenons like telepathy, telekinesis, aura, healing powers, clairvoyance are some examples of phenomena that have been analysed, each time to a different extent, showing how new cosmology and  science have come so far in our days.

Traditional scientific areas like astronomy, mathematics, physics, psychology, biology, medicine and informatics which seemed to have little to do with each other, now collide and blend together into a new way of thinking and analysing the world. They manage to come to revolutionary results and conclusions which defy traditional views of the world and cosmos. Many of these conclusions strangely enough seem to be very similar to views of non-Christian religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. Originally a coherence with the Christianic church was made when the big bang theory was introduced , which was compatible with the book of Genesis. So in the middle of the 20th century the pope came to agree and approve this fundamental scientific discovery which explained to a great extent the formation of our cosmos. That to the church maybe meant the proof of god event through scientific method, though for scientists themselves it made no proof of anything more than the big bang theory itself. Research continued independently of whether god was agreed to exist or not, because science itself is not a philosophical research but rather a research using logical and analytical tools. It very frequently though comes down to very thoughtful philosophical inquiries through its findings and conclusions giving way to new discoveries and research. Theology itself is the evolution and wide spreading of a certain esoteric philosophy and way of viewing the world which during time became religion through the need of using a tool in order to control a big sum of people. When looking religion itself neglecting the way it was forced or misintreprited it stands as a very strong philosophical and ethical tool which if examined without preduces, can lead to very interesting results which in many cases come very close to new scientific discoveries.

During my stay in the army which is expanded through the article published just before this one, i had the chance to read some very mind-expanding books during my idle time. These books revolutionised to such big extent how i tended to perceive things that i have not fully indulged into my thought system. This new cosmology needs extensive examining and studying in order to come to a point to grab that enormous leap in our way of thinking. Some of the books were called: The Universe and cosmological evolution, New Science and the akasic field, Cosmic Consciousness, Chance and Chaos in addition to 2 sci-fi novels of Arthur Clarke (The city and the stars & Childhoods end). From all the above i read i have not come to any organized conclusion in order to form an article. I know though all this is just too fascinating in order to ignore. Time will regain my previous creative and explorational mindstate that i was in before the army. Ofcourse i did not have the tools and personal space i needed in order to use this revolutionary information during my stay in the army. All this though will be the driving force in order to compile some new articles, based on new cosmology, singularity and inter-consciousness.

The fascinating cosmological voyage has just begun! SingularityGravity



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