Posted by: antyx | September 6, 2009

Progressing in life : Winter’s Resolutions


In this life i owe to a lot to many, mostly my parents to what i have done with my life till now. I have almost ended my IT degree and finally finished with my army duty in the 12th of August ’09. After getting over with my army duty and turning 24, i decided that it’s about time to stand by some decisions i ought to stick to, in order to achieve some goals in my life. Creating and learning are two things i want start get more systematic with through a job and some hobbies i wish to expand. These resolutions can be outlined to the following:

  • Find a job that could make me financially independent
  • Finish all those thing i ought to do in order to get my IT degree at last
  • Become accustomed with the LAMP web architecture and some web programming languages
  • Buy a new Laptop and really make some creative use of it (Preferably a Mac with also Linux installed)
  • Learn a music instrument and a piece of music software and dare to produce some piece of music
  • Start a programming/applied tech blog
  • Become involved in graphics and actually have something to publish when opening a account
  • Not forget that life is all about being happy, having a good time, seeing new places, travelling  around, enjoying yourself  and falling in love.

I should not have any excuses anymore, why i should not work in a somehow permanent job. In this country finishing the army means that you ought to confront life more seriously especially when having to earn your own money. It is for me the next challenge i ought to take, in order to express my full potentials in the skills and abilities i believe to have. I tend to try to think outside the box and i dont think that i am meant to do anything but only if i feel like it.

All the above dots are expanded bellow, outlining my goals and expectations:

  • Find a 6month practice job which is required and furthermore is subsidized by the government which earns you  living of minimum wage plus the extra money my college gives. Also want to eventually finish with my degree, which mostly because of laziness has taken me so long to acquire. Because money is important, thus not the most important thing in life a permanent income from working may be the best way to come around.

  • Evidently IT is my field of interest and study so someone would expect me to have an occupation in that field. I have mostly web service developemnt in mind, though i do not exclude any other IT field that my come around. It is hard to know what ill be invloved with before starting to work, because it really has to do which field will become promising.
  • I cannot say that i was the most hardworking student there was around because i tend to leave things i do not like to do behind from scedule. Having finished my army duty, the next thing i should do is to finalize all the elements required in order to gradute. That invloves a 6month paid work as an learner in a certain field close to my field of studies. I also have to take on a διπλωματική which has to do with developing something.
  • I tend to use opensource software and tend to think in the same philosophy generaly. Many web services and websites relly on the LAMP (Linux – Apache – MySQL – PHP) platform which has proven very successfull. The field of the appliaction that can stand on this platform are broad, so getting use to setting up and administrating it would be an advantage in the job market and would also be a very powerfull tool in case i want to develop any idea of my own.
  • I never go anywhere far without my beloved laptop. Now i own a small netbook, the Asus eee pc. This time speaking it covers all my needs, although i do not have the ability on spending a lot of time with it because of the army. It is fully portable though it lacks to stand as a machine which could make me fully productive (small screen, low cpu speed). I have been using GNU Ubuntu Linux as my main OS platform. I am very happy with it, though it lack support from the multimedia software vendors (Video, Graphics, Sound). A MacBook would be a good choice for me, which will give me the ability to use the very powerfull MacOSX and take advantage the great support it has from multimedia software. Offcourse i will not forget to install Linux on it, in dual boot mode. The quality of its design combined with these two powerfull operating systems will be the first step on becoming involved on the IT fields i hope to make a living from. A laptop alone is just a tool as any other, so being productive invlolves a lot of hard work and imagination as well
  • Evidently music is one of my passions and addiction in everyday life. I spend a lot of time listening to music, which on one thought could be considered as a waste of time, though i mostly percieve it as my main creative inspiration and favourite relaxing passtimes. I find it hard to read a book, write or me involved in any mental act done when being alone without listening to some tracks from my music collection. For me it is a good way to concetrate on what i am doing and sync my brain with what i am doing. Because i consider myself as a creative and expressfull person, being involved in music production may be a good challnge and passtime which i should stick to. The main music theme i have in mind is some form of electronic music which does not lack the imagination of bleing in natural sounds and instrumnts in it. Ofcourse everything show up when trying to produce something and may end up somehow different than originaly imagined. Trying offcourse never hurt anyone so it may the best piece of art i ought to be involved with
  • Blogging is maybe a new hobby i have taken up, though i consider my style of writing rather general and not of any imediate practical use. I tend to express notions, ideas and thoughts which are not in a certain thematic category. That may prove that i like to be involved any various thematic categories, each time digining something else which has come to my notice. I dont think by any chance of stoping this blog but rather to make a more specialed programing one, which will have to do mainly with opensource, programming web services and applicable knowledge stublembled upon when working with something. Many time i have found random troubleshooting information when searching the web usefull so it would be usefull to and out anything that i may consider usefull. Ofcourse this knowledge will come progressively, through my job and projects which i hope to be involved with.
  • Visuals and grahics always arouse my interest so why not learn the tools in order to produce something myself. Photoshop, gimp and 3Dmax may be some examples of these tools, which ofcourse demand skills, work and imagination in order to produce something pleasing and creative
  • I tend to forget that although in life achieving goals, earning money and being more serious on somethings is important, having a good time and enjoying yourself is also utterly important in everyday life. Money is only a mean of having a pleasant life and we many times tend to percieve it as the most important thing. Partying, going out with friends, laying back and just enjoying the monent are something i dont want to miss out in  my everyday life. Life for me is just a bag of experiences that pile up, which are obtained throughout time, through my need of having a good time, travelling, meeting people and interacting with them and generaly experiencing the world to its full extent. Till now the numerous experinces i have lived have shaped my personality and helped me to percieve the world differently tha before. So another goald of mine is to pursue a life with all its chills and thrills there are but never forget that i should also work hard on achieving my goals so i eventually become a part and contribute in the best way to the global civilation




  1. διπλωματική = thesis in english

    I suggest you finish your thesis first, and your other university obligations, and start your practical job (internship) later, when it is the very last thing left between you and your diploma. Since you have completed your army obligations, this will allow you to kickstart your career without having any distractions. Well, unless of course you get a really good offer, never let any chances go 😛

    After that you can start thinking about everything else 😛

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