Posted by: antyx | September 19, 2009

The 1st Dream. [Chapter 1 of Season 5 sci-fi story]

I always try to find ways of reinventing myself. This just another example of that process. I came to become bored with my blog writing style so i started finalizing the chapters a sci-fi story i had started writing just before i was recruited in the army. Now my previous mindstate is almost regained so i’ve published here the 1st chapter of this fictional story which is inspired by many things mostly what i’ve lived and read till now. Enjoy!


He was alone. Alone though extremely comfortable with that idea that because he was glad he was there. All this felt so close and strangely familiar to him he never hesitated to explore his surroundings and interact with other people around him. Strange as they may seemed all these geometrical patterns filled with colours that surrounded him, glowed  delicately in the night blending with harmonically with this transcending place he seemed to be.  Numerous individuals sharing all great enthusiasm about all this place were there, scattered all around the place or just resting on their personal spaces. Each one was using a different communication code than each other, styling and acting according to his own expressive capabilities, though all this felt so natural and accordingly to this whole experience  that took place. Everyone could feel the vibration all across this mystical place from any distance. All came from the part where the main ritual held place. The ritual held there was the epicentre of this whole act and everyone emphasised to its taking place. It was the main reason everyone was there, in order to be a part of it. Each one with his own expressive colour of vibration became a part of this megascale ancient ritual accompanied with the energy that came from the drum of the shammen, the main coordinators of this whole happening. This energy was an amplified vibration which could be felt through the ground and ofcourse through the surrounding atmophere. All this he knew, was too important to ignore, too important to pass away. He knew all this was something that would eventually shape his existence and personality.

Moments of pure joy piled up and emotions spilled out from him. All this although made him also so sad deep inside. Why? Because he was unable to truly share all this tremendous feelings he experienced with someone else. He knew though he had to ignore this loneliness and just walk on. Although he felt bad about that he  just walked on as everything was ok, back to his reserved resting spot. On his way back as if in a dream he started to perceive things differently. Colours, feelings, smells, and sound came not only from his surroundings, but also were reproduced and mixed in his mind forming patterns unknown to him till then. A whole new way of perceiving the world and nature around him felt more real and right than he could before. Was all this something he had forgotten all about? He knew that his mind was capable and deep inside built for experiencing in such a lucid manner. All these hallucinations did not make him uncomfortable but rather seen as a great opportunity to feel the essence of all the elements that surrounded him. He eventually after that enormous burst of sensations, felt that he needed to be physical alone. Too many thoughts dripping from his mind and speeding upin his head. He never the less felt very capable of dealing with them, in his resting bubble away from the occupants of this small village he mysteriously became  and felt a part of.

To his way to his bubble the night sky stood as his navigational compass. He just walked by the sea, lay down and just tried to have some rest and become inspired by the view above him. Hallucinations gave way to deep and existential thoughts. Just facing his head up, was enough to make him hold his breath from the beauty of all this image he saw. This jewel (κόσμημα) as his ancestors called was a small part of something greater. The cosmos (κόσμος) he knew, was all that was, is or ever will be. He very deep inside felt a part of all this greater beauty. His heart was filled with enthusiasm every time he looked up and sometimes made him spill tears of joy. He could not face his eyes away from this eternal cosmic canvas which he knew was there much before he himself lay foot on that planet. It lay there almost eternally, standing as an inspiration for all those who lived before him and all those who will love after him. Looking at all this that lay above him as something to remind him of his origin, made him feel so little and big at the same time, knowing deep inside that he came from up there. He catched notice of the bright star of Sirius which for no apparent reason made him feel homesick. All this was too silly to explain, though it felt so right to him.

Joy gave eventually way to sadness. There was no apparent reason of feeling sad, though he knew why. He was there alone. Physicaly alone, just he and himself under all this beauty. No one there to hand out this jewel he was given just like that as a present only by being born. Somehow facing up he knew deep inside that he wasn’t alone to appreciate all this. Only someone who was meant to take part on the same ritual could share all this with him. Was that person there in that small colourful town but failed to notice each other? Maybe yes or maybe not. Nothing was sure enough. The only thing he was sure was  that he felt deep inside that he belonged in that summer solstice ritual and only  a person that could become a part of all this as well , was worthy of earning what he wanted so eagerly to give. All these hidden secrets he kept in the deepest corners of his mind. all the complexity and structure he held inside him was needed to be shared, but he was afraid to do so. All these puzzling thoughts made him feel so uncomfortable and uneasy. So heavy and sad thought he wanted to avoid facing himself and these  troubling thoughts. Sleep was the only cure for all this sadness. He decided to head back to his resting place and just try to sleep and dream of finding that person he had in mind. His dreams were his only shelter. The physical exhaustion was so great he lay down, and fell to sleep with only with comforting thought: he deep inside knew that soul is also walking on this planet and through time they will  eventually meet. This soothing thought erased all the fear and sadness of loneliness. He could now sleep and rest into the sea of  tranquillity of his dreams under the endless sea of stars that hung just above him silently, almost as if they stood there eternally.


He woke after the alarming chime that had been transmitted to him by someone or something he was unaware of. He could clearly remember a dream he saw. Pheanor was happy to see that he now he was able to take his task closer to completion. He was convinced deep inside that he was capable of reaching to that point and had devoted his whole existence and finally someday soon he would achieve his  goal. The sleep had lasted for several days, the frequency of which changed progressively according to the completion stage of his task. His sleep could be described as a deep state of trance. Waking up abruptly when sleeping was almost infeasible, though when that happened the consequences could be irreversible. The interruption of such a deep mental state disturbed the rhythm of all this process, where in many cases made the sleepers suffer irreversible consequences. Sleep was required in order to preserve the inner rhythm of the body they were born with. It was an ancient mechanism which altered the individual’s mindstate, and originally served the purpose of provideing physical and mental rest in order to strore energy of everyday aphysical ctivities. Now it resembled hibernation, a process which they had implemented in their genetic information in order of achieving higher goals of conscious awareness. Their sleeping booth were placed deep inside the ground of the celestial body they inhabited. That was done so in order to sync with the energy frequency patterns of their planet.

Pheanor clearly knew that without this time consuming process he could not achieve the goal of enlightenment which he had devoted his life and purpose and existence. When he woke up he vaguely remembered some dreams he had, which most of them were lucid, a technique he had steadily perfected throughout time. Remembering all the details of his dreams could be only done through time where he narrated to his teachers in order to guide him on his mission. In his dreams he regularly confronted his fears and needs and consciously altered the outcome of them. He knew all these were lessons he ought to be tought, though was somehow unsure who or what actually affected his dreams and paved new paths he ought to cross in his deep sleep sessions. He was unsure of the true origin and nature of this parallel reality he experienced every time he slept, though deep inside he felt safe and sure that whatever shaped and affected his dreams, led him to deeper understanding of who he was and what he ought to achieve. He could not remember all his dreams in high detail, though he was aware that all those even if he could not recall them, made him more mature and capable of reaching to a higher understanding of everything. They subconsciously affected his decisions which consequently opened a new path in his life. The only thing that he ought to do was to learn from his dreams and take advice of the elder and wise individuals of his community, on what he ought to do next. All this was essential in order to unfold the prophecy that was about to become true which he somehow strongly felt he would play a protagonist role in it.


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