Posted by: antyx | February 10, 2010

Connecting with the Source: Space [part 1]


Distractions. They are all around us. It’s all part of the fabric which modern society is constructed upon. They consist of what we have artificially created in order to expand ourselves and our everyday abilities. Technology, entertainment, fashion & trends, occupations, architecture, transport,  economy, arts and uncountable other elements of our society that we spend time & money on, in order to expand our capabilities as a species. We sometimes get over occupied with all these, through our occupation or everyday routine. They may sometimes cover a need we have or most of the time tend to make up false ones.

I myself become frequently distracted with artificial stuff like technology, music and generally possessing things or forget to spend time and energy with activities of more higher importance. It is very important never to neglect activities having to do with the original source. What consists this source? Surely not the central computer in the Matrix movie, or maybe  something resembling that concept. Source is everything having to do with physical nature, from the distant galaxies, the solar system, our biosphere and our selfs as a unity. It is everything that is not created by people and consists of the physical world and universe around us.

Almost every advanced soctiety which marked the global civilsation with cultural and technological advancements had an excellent knowledge and understanding of the night sky. Astronomy always stood as a highly significant activity and knowledge field. It was frequently carried on by the spiritual leaders of each tribe or civilasation. They were called shamen, a spiritual elite who had great understanding of astronomical facts and figures. The night sky always stood as cosmological compass in the spiritual explorations of every civilization. Astronomical elements like the Sun, the Moon, the planets and their periodical movement in the day and night sky played a crucial role in the religion they formed. Our star, the sun always played a leading role amongst all the rest deities which the religion consisted of. Even christianic philosophy today inherited its close connection to the sky. Certain dates around the year which corresponded to soltice celebrations arecarried around in modern societies and most of the time to our full ignorance on their original meaning.

Astronomy though has come much far in our days and has blended with numerous other scientific fields like biology, neurology, informatics, quantum physics etc. This new blend is called new cosmology. It can be conceived as a scientific religion itself where it often comes to a standpoint where is manages to answer many fundamental philosophic questions. The nature of matter, energy, time and space are demystified and analyzed through scientific reasoning. The special theory of relativity for instance uses the above elements in order to make a reasonable and experimentaly confirmed conclusion on their connection. Matter stands as a local curvature of spacetime itself. Spacetime itself is the 4-dimentional reality in which the universe excists in. Time is the projection of the 4th dimention in our 3-dimentional reality. We tend to perceive in our everyday lives as the progressive evolution and decay of matter. This statement was first observed during the 20th century through eclipse observations. We can clearly see that modern cosmological theories which are able to explain numerous philosophic inquiries may otherwise contradict or agree with fundamental religious beliefs.

In every way though, observing the evolutionary process of science and religion the night sky always stood as a keyhole for searching the “truth”. It sometimes stood as motivation for the creation of myths and gods and other times as a logical patern which needed to be further analyzed. The only piece of night entertaitment where humans were able to enjoy 99,9% of our existance on this planet. It’s not strange that it stood as the driving force behind many cultural references. Most of the time these myths were altered throughout time and borrowed from each other, being frequently incorporated within many different religions. We can see that it played a crucial role on social evolution and expansion of human culture. Today unfortunatelly we tend to take the sky as something granted, neglecting its impact on our every day life. Light polution in big cities, stands as a blindfold to modern man, who mostly lives in urban areas. Even though if humans can study astronomy indirectly, the dotted night sphere itself when rising your head up always stands as the ultimate inspiration artwork of the cosmos.

The two dimential skydome as we mostly percieve it today, in which the eliptic rotation of the galactic and solar points of light stand as a limit to our understating. Telescopes were invented in order to overcome our vision limits. Telescopes today can scan the sky almost to any spectrum of radiation contrary to our biological perceptive capabilities. All these advancements in radio-astronomy have produced magnificent images of the cosmos itelf, which were are unable to enjoy otherwise. Systematic observation of the universe has led to astonishing discoveries and the need of expanding physics beyond the Newtonian and Eclydional perception of the physical world as we tend to perceive it in our everyday lives. Reichman geometry which states that all space itself is curved and actually no straight lines exists whatsoever make it hard for us to visualize and fully understand. The field of “New Cosmology” is consisted by numerous of cosmological theories, which revolutionized classical astronomy. It is so hard to learn and keep track of this cutting edge field of science. The hardest thing is to transform your belief system according to this new field. Taking all the new scientific advancements in mind old superstition barriers can easily be crossed.

The cosmos as whole is a mind of itself. Extra terrestrial (non human) intelligence can be found everywhere. From the fundamental particles themselves to the clusters of galaxies, to every structure in our physical world. Everything acts to certain laws or may act chaotically. Even so all behave according to pre-programmed patterns which all add up to the evolution of biological life itself. This cosmic mind in which our biological minds physicaly exist, mysteriously enough have a very close connection to each other. Our mind observes this greater mind through vision, telescopes etc and analyses this information with the use of artificial computing machines, filling in for our arithmetic limitations. The interaction of the cosmos and us known in its popular form called astrology mainly consists of generalizations and incorrect facts, shows the need of most of the people to feel connected to something greater without using a religious path. Each one to one extent or another feels the need to understand and connect to the cosmos, the source where matter and physical elements were originaly created, where energy in the stars molds the buidling blocks of life.


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