Posted by: antyx | May 11, 2010

Connecting with the Source: Nature [part 2]

Nature today is treated as something foreign to us. Bugs, dirt, sun & the  temperature makes us feel uncomfortable. Modern capitalistic society mistreats it, pollutes it and over uses its resources. People nowadays, generally avoid spending time in nature and not try enjoying it to its full extent. It is really sad to find out that most people prefer watching documentaries on TV but never go spend some days outdoors even when the weather is good. My friends usually react enthusiastically to the idea of free camping but never got down to actually planing or even wanting to come when i decide to go somewhere. I try to avoid other people making me not do stuff, because of their lack of interest or courage to go a long camping trip. I feel so much happy i went to some places even alone and saw it was not so hard as i would have thought of. Outdoor psychedelic festivals fullfilling experiences which take place in nature. Some of them are: Ozora fest (Hungary), Transision fest (Spain), Aurora (Asprovlata, Greece). Though festivals are camping sessions accompanied with plenty of KWatts and the local psychedelic society of each place it is held, free camping as it is called in Greece is an equally fullfilling experience.

Here are some basic tools for enjoying quality time in nature:

  • Transport. Going by car is the easiest way for going somewhere where public transport is not available. Also very convenient because carrying around stuff is required when there is no catering facilities. Using a bicycle is also an option though requires a good physical condition and someone with the same stamina. Public transport though is more cheap, fun but may be more tiring when having overbooked and delayed transits. It is also very tiring when carrying heavy backpacks around
  • Company and friends. I have numerous of friends which i regularly hang out but few of them are willing to live an outdoor experience to its full extent. The idea always excites them though i may end up going to a open air festival alone. Fortunately i regularly get round to organising expeditions, during weekends or preferably for an anual open air festival
  • Camping Gear. Having good and light gear always makes an outdoor expedition more comfortable. This gear involves: Rainproof tent, portable rolling mattresses, a sleeping bag, inflatable mattress (optionally), cooking gear (gas stove, grill, small ports and pans(, water containers (15L plastic water containers, camping bottles), an mp3 player + portable speakers, solar charging equipment, hygiene pack (small shampoos, soaps, toothpaste etc), portable fridge preserve food, backpack bag (small [40L] or big [70L]). Ebay is very cheap way of purchasing innovative camping gear, though sometimes local stores may have better deals.
  • Psychoactives. I generally prefer to include all sensations when being in nature so i sometimes use natural (hemp, mushrooms) or synthetic (LSD, mescaline). Nature itself may be the best psychoactive experience therefore so all the above are mostly optional
  • Physical Activities. They are essential in order to make the most of your time outdoors. Usually for me tin festivals i mostly dance and spend time generally experiencing the psychedelic event. When camping freely fishing, canoeing, beach volley, rackets etc are some physical activities which can  make time in nature really enjoyable
  • Mental activities. Being in nature can become mind expanding voyages. Reading a book while resting in the beach, talking to your co-campers or others why you may meet there and even lying down and gazing the stars may all become ways of unlocking our minds of the daily urban routine and the transfixed superstitions  and ideas of our society
  • The before preparation. Preparing some exciting is always an enjoyable. Research of your place or outdoor festival which you may want to attend is essential, in order to not regret your stay there. Google earth, flickr, forums and even asking other who have already been there are very important for knowing what you should expect there and what you may need to take with you in order to make your stay there mostly enjoyable.
  • The after memories. For me every stay in nature is always memorable and enriches why overall life experiences. Some places i go again, some i judge that its not worth going to again. Nevertheless by your mistakes you learn and judge better on your future expeditions, making you be more prepared and organised

I know i will go on going for camping and outdoor festivals, because i feel nature so close to me. I feel really disappointed when people disrespect nature, when littering and destroying it. I even think of myself to blame for the industrial destructing of it. Western society and economy is based on infinite natural resources, and constant consuming of goods is essential to its stability we are all to blame for the destruction of it in such large scale. When we buy and industrial product we ought to have in mind that everything has a cost, a cost that is not measured in economic terms, than to environmental damage. The biological richness of our planet was there long ago we stepped our foot on this planet. We today act really narrow-minded and act like we own everything and have the right to destroy it. Nature is our home and we ought to protect it. This is the only home we have even known and we act as we don’t care about those who are to come. All those before us, gave us some elements intact, though today we misuse everything like we own it.

It is to our responsibility today, to protect our home which was here so long before us and should be kept as it was in order to sustain the biological diversity it holds, in order to hand it over as it was given to us.

All the pictures in this blog entry are from my last camping excursion in a magical location in Greece



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