Posted by: antyx | July 21, 2010

Connecting with the source: The Sound [part 3]

The title of this blog entry may sound absurd in a first glance, someone may think. What has sound to do with connecting to the essence of things or to our inner self or otherwise source. Well as you may be aware till now everything i write in this blog express clearly personal view and notions and by no means stand as unmistakable truths. Eitherways one of my passions in life is sound itself. My life is a constant expedition in order to discover the most cutting edge soundscapes and experiences having to do with this form.

Sound itself is nothing else than a vibration of the molecules of air around us and bass may  also be transmitted through earth itself when being outdoors. Music ofcourse is an artform of our human culture and society which uses various techniques in order to produce a well formed and melodic sound. Our primitive ancestors used rough means into achieving that goal. Wood hit on a rock or wood hit against a primitive drum made the first sound forms. Today the instruments someone could use for producing music are uncountable. The music gerne i mostly dig into is electronic music. Crude and unartistic may sound to many, though it is true that a lot of electronic music produced is unbearable to the ear. In the last 20 years, and especially after the dawn of the new millenia numerous electric albums have been produced which blend various classical music elements and instruments in addiction with cutting edge electronic sound. I can name some artists like Shpongle, Makyo, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Cell, Ott and many more as well as many cutting edge psychedelic and progressive trance artists.

My quest for the best sound experience is everlasting. This obsession started from an early age when i was given a Sony Walkman as a birthday present. My first cassettes and radio programs were my first personal music digs i did as a young teenager. The Walkman became a diskman which used CD’s, then in the late 90’s i started using the Internet and the innovative mp3 music format. Since then it is the standard way i listen, aquire and share my music. The earbuds i used in the beginning became computer speakers and now a high fidelity digital sound system, using optical fiber directly from my usb soundcard connected to my macbook, to my 5.1 amp which gives power to a pair of technics speakers and a set of quadral home theater set. It is the best home sound i can get and i don’t think i will upgrade this sound system anytime soon. I try to buy sound equipment that lasts in time.

Sound forms around me are something essential. From the music i listen to to the surrounding noise. Polluted noise like traffic, car horns and random irritating sounds to be act as something mentally pollutive. The sound of nature, crickets, birds, the wind or the sound of sea waves tend to rest my mind and make me feel closer to me. This is the reason i try to go camping in nature as frequent as i can. The camping experiences which i get hyped so much about are the Open Air Psychedelic Festivals i so eagerly tend to go, in Greece where i live or throughout Europe when i have the chance. They are the ultimate holiday break for me, that combines all the elements that give me to much mind food. Cutting edge electronic sound, pure and wonderful nature surroundings and all sorts of stimulants like psychoactives, colors, ethnic food, all this combined with the psychedelic community of each place you go. I usually come back home with my mental and physical batteries recharged in order to do what society expects from me (work, money etc)

If all the above does excite you as well and you want to experience a psychedelic festival yourself here is a small guide in order to do so:

  • Before going to a openair psychedelic festival a basic camping set is required in order not to end up sleeping under the trees (tent, sleeping bag, torch, clothes etc). I have compiled a previous article concerning camping in general so i advise you to have a look at that to know what to expect and carry with you when being in nature for days.
  • Going to such a place can become more fun when you have the right people as company with you. Not many peope, i knoew tend to spending many days in nature especially when being in a psychedelic festival. Even being alone is always worth it, something a i have attmpted in the past. Nevertheless try to go with people which enjoy nature and electronic music as much as it required in order to feel comfortable and relaxed during your stay in a openair festival
  • The planning. As almost everything else today, the internet itself is the best source for information around. Psychedelic festivals could not be an exception to that rule. There are many websites and communities which list parties and festivals which are held in almost every major country and contintinent in the world. From Europe to the US , to africa and asia are places where the global psychedelic culture can be found. The major websites that list such festivals are the following: Goabase, Isratrance, festivals, Psychedelic Traveller
  • Going there may as exciting as the festival itself. Going around Europe is fairly easy, safe and cheap nowdays, if you book in advance ofcourse. Airlines such aseasyjet etc make things dead easy to travel around, though train or by car can also provide a mean of going where the festival is held.  There are also numerous flight search engines around the net, which can help you go wherever you wish. When travelling outside Europe planning and booking several months in advance will be required in order to make an intercontinetal journey feasable. I myself plan for heading for the 1st time outside europe and i may need to book flights at least 6 months in advance.
  • Deciding where to go and what to do before and after the festival. I personally enjoy going for sightseeing and just being a tourist before going to a fest. Going somewhere outoside my country is always a chance to see places which i only see on documentaries. Eaitherways a good way of getting an rough idea of where to go and what to expect is by using Google Earth and Wikitravel. Having common sense and being more streetwise than usuall is also essential in order for your trip to end out as smoothly as possible
  • Interacting with other during your stay in a festival always makes them more memorable and enjoyable. Meeting people like me, who i share the same passion for electronic sound from alll around the world, as well as flirting with wonderful psychedelic ladies which i may have a chance to meet make open-air festivals a peculiar social playground, which i don’t usually experience everyday.

Here is a video trailer one of the best festivals held in Greece: Samothraki 2001, enjoy:.


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