Posted by: antyx | August 13, 2011

The extra-terrestrial intelligence hypothesis [part 1]

East Kennett (2), nr Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 22nd July 2011

Intelligence can by no way be credited only to human activity and existence. Intelligence has always existed far before humans started to evolve small numbers into simple and eventually into complex societies. All our social evolution could not have existed if we were not able to produce food easily through agriculture and not spend all our time and intelligence on filling our stomachs. Nevertheless ancient civilizations existed, flourished and perished throughout history. Babylonians, Egyptians, ancient Greeks, Mayan, Atlantean and many more civilizations seemed to strange and evolved to the inferior ones which happened to be more primitive compared the elite societies.

This article though is not devoted to human intelligence rather than anything else which may seem to be more sophisticated, secretive and enigmatic than us. From an early age i was intrigued by mystery, unexplained phenomena and whenever i could doubt about the establishment. There were numerous of unexplained phenomena which eventually through scientific inquiry were analyzed and interpreted and became common knowledge by society (meteorological phenomena, psycho-physical phenomena, astrological myths etc.). Today the west, including my home country, Greece, take for sure that almost everything has been explained or the answers are know and kept secret by the army, government etc. To my knowledge and personal research there are numerous of unexplained phenomena which are documented and partialy studies and by logical inquiry are not human related:

  • Unidentified flying or submerged objects that vary in shape, speed size and behaviour, which have shape shifting and invisibility abilities (UFO’s or USO’s)
  • Crop circles and crop formations related to hovering light balls when formed during nightime
  • Testimonials of abductions by non-human being or human hybrids etc
  • Strange implants which have been reported by doctors and hypothetical abductees
  • Sightings of cryptic human like beings which we all know as the greys (Big head, big black eyes and small body compared to human anatomy)
  • Documented animal mutilations where organs have been removed with bizarre methods without scaring the animal

I personally have to admit that have never been witness to any such strange phenomenon mentioned above or have never taken part into field research after the event has taken place. Many strange phenomenon to some, to me through my scientific knowledge can been easily analyzed and explained. Nevertheless i sense there is numerous of evidence which points the way that strange things are happening in our sky, within our planet and in many cases to our subconscious itself. We can all sense that society frequently tries to distract our attention from some events and tries to persuade us that we ought to focus on the “important” things in life. As a 26 year old citizen people around me remind me to find a well earning job, get married and go on with life the normal and the regular things ought to do. I don’t blame them, because life is all about surviving and multiplying of course thought to me life is far more than all the above, it’s about doubting, researching and inquiring notions.

The indigo child curiosity never fails and ceases to stop. As a proud heir of the ancient Greek civilization and land and all its wondrous mysteries and scientific achievements, i spend my adult life in this mysterious and beautiful corner of the Mediterranean sea. As an informatics graduate, i believe and trust in science and crude proof of a hypothesis. Mythology though, especially ancient Greek mythology is a labyrinth of stories, tales and places which i have the luck of being into a striking distance. Till now i have not been able to visit and spend the night at any of these secluded mythic passages of the greek earth and doorways which many of, to our surprise the orthodox church, nazis and air force sealed. The hollow earth hypothesis though exists only as a myth and a daemon of the christianic church. Ancient greeks which i try to understand through their writings and  community with greek nature itself when going camping excursions i so much enjoy going.

My search is not that of despair of finding the truth rather product of the endless curiosity of a childhood. I’ve seen almost every alien and ufo documentary there has been produced though they seem to stopped to giving any clues of the truth and give me no more pieces of the puzzle. Books may be the best way to solve some of my questions and most important raise many more. There are some on my wishlist on ebay which i ought to order soon enough and some which i have at my possession. A greek classic is the ” Hollow Earth –  Κουφια Γη” which is mostly and mix of ancient mythology, suburban myths and testimonials. There are pictures though of places and earth passages i ought to visit and if brave enough dare to camp overnight. Places where are linked to ancient Greek myths, Christianic myths and modern UFO sightings.

All this search has led me to believe that some strange “alien” phenomena hasn’t have to do with advanced civilizations from other galaxies, rather than a homo-cryptic species which in some ways may be more advanced and secretive than us which if any thing has a integrated view on consciousness and energy itself. Their origin may be extra-terrestrial and for some reason inhabit our earth or even be a part of our evolutionary line which for some reason became cryptic and secretive. I by no way want to be drawn to conclusions without thorough examination and thought. There will be surely a second part of this series of articles which ofcourse will follow on several months after i have read some books i ought to and visited some places linked with mythology and modern unexplained sightings. I cannot be sure about anything till i have seen something with my own eyes. Humans are always iclined to want to believe in myths and propaganda of some sort though i personally want to be skeptic before i am drawn to any astonishing theory.

This is a small part of a documentary by UK’s Danny Dyer for BBC : I Believe In UFO’s: Danny Dyer, which to me is quite convincing and confusing at the same time


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