Posted by: antyx | September 17, 2012

Upcoming Electronic/Ambient Artists – A Sonic Guide to The Cosmos [part2]

Samothraki Decoration

Music to me has always been a food for my brain. Without i tend to act and think in a worse manner. I had compiled a personal guide before 3,5 years, when i had originaly opened this blog with the top 10 artists which inspired me some time ago. Since then i have seen many of them performing live during the electronic music festival i so eagerly attend every year. Shpongle last year in Ozora festival was an absolute disaster which unfortunately the “Shpongle band” tried to experiment performing something that sounded like Radiohead. Nevertheless there have been many new upocoming artists since which i will be numbered according to my which i like most.

Note: There are already some artists which i would include after these 3 years though i wont because i feel this list must be unique mostly according to my listening habbits

1. Banco de Gaia

Toby Marks holds a profound place in the artists who formed ambient music in the early 90’s. He holds a rich discography with his first albums being more innovative and inique. His tracks are an endless personal journey of his spiritual and psysical journeys through tibet. I had the chance of seeing him live at Ozora festival where i mostly enjoyed his live set. I will also have the chance to see him in a week in Samothraki, Greece which i am really looking forward to.

2. Kalpataru Tree

A notable upcoming artist who has released to excellent albums which incorporate a blend of liquid baselines with cutting edge psychill mastering. All of his tracks show a consistency and a flow which to me personally enjoy listening to when i require a mental balance in order to perform a certain thought consuming task. The name of his first album reflects the quality and depth of his musical production. Unfortunately he is from the US so i haven’t had the luck yet to see him perform live.

3. Makyo

This psychill artsist holds many albums to his name. The production quality is high frequntly embeding eastern elements into his tracks. His music provides the best late night candle experience, giving a seducing layout throughout his albums. Till now i havent had the luck to see him perfom live because i think he lives in Japan.

4. Side Liner

Nick Miamis who i happen to know personally is one of Greece’s profound psychill sitarists. He is the owner of cosmicleaf records which is the home label of many international chill artists. He holds many albums in his production history with his last one being exceptionally good. I frequently see him performing live in various underground events in Athens, where he always appears modest and sincere.

5. Sundial

This polish ambient trance project is one of my favorites from Ultimae records. They have produced two albums with crystal clear ambient trance sound, which frequently features in ultimae’s releases. Their last 2011 album consisted of some mixes and original tracks.

6. Cell

Also a notebale french psychill artists that releases under ultimae records. His sounds clarity and mastering pquality is similar to that of Carbon Based Lifeforms. I have seen him sever times perfom live and never fails to provide an experience which stands to his reputation.

7.  Astropilot

A new comer in the psychill gerne from Russia. He performed 3 sets in Aurora Festival 2011 – Samothraki, Greece. His performance was exceptional with variety of moodswings during his live sets performed

8. Chilled C’quence

A chill duo from Portugal with two albums in their behalf.  Their tracks are a wonderful blend of melodic electronic music with inspiring voice samples from movies

9. Adham Shaikh

A producer from the US with a notable discography with a nice blend of electronic sounds and traditional organic tunes.

10. Globular

A newcomer under the dub gerne. A UK electronic artist with some notable EP’s with spacey dub sound where we could say that Ott could find his master

The above lazy list a compiled consists of all the artists i could note with a decent discography. Nowdays i dont listen the same amount of music i used to and the rate of new artists discovery is low. Eitherways it would be wise to check out the similar artists to each above listed and im sure that you’ll find some interesting stuff


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