Posted by: antyx | February 4, 2013

The extra-terrestrial intelligence hypothesis [part 4]


In the previous part tried to emphasize the fact that we must take in regard the fact that time travel today at least in theory is feasible and probably will be practicaly doable in some point in the future. Technology will probably advance in a geometric pace since all the foundations were built during the 20th century. So it is imprant to take in regard that probably we humans all all the intelligent biorobots we will probably produce will be abl to travel through time, using technology which Germans during WWII started experimenting with, using knowledge from esoteric writings.

Recent geologic findings on earth and in mars show that a planet like ours tends to decay, losing its atmopshere and water. Mars has traces of lakes, rivers and still has ice today on its caps. Today it is bombareded with radiation and we probably would find only traces of life today. Unfortunatelly in some several thousands of years our planet will have the same fate as Mars had. So if we suppose that in the next 100 years we knew the ozon layer started rapidily go away, the planet started heating up fast, so that the atomosphere and water started to go away where living on the surface of this planet was not viable. We would have to invent technology to make life sustainable at least for us and escape somehow the same amount of cosmic radiation as mars has today. The only solution would be to build underground cities and facilities. Because we know for sure today that someday in the next several thousands of years that will happen and till then our technology will have unlocked travelling in time and space we would surelly want to visit our planet as it was when so many people were, in a watery green surface will all that biodivercity is has today. So i suppose that calling the whom are behind this UFO mumbo jumbo may as well be us and our biorobots from the future. Ofcourse in that occation some time paradox would occur when chaning the past. So as Vallee stated we are just starting as a society to understand time in space, thus what UFOs really are.

Let’s take an analogy: Imagine that we today have built a machine to travel in time and we could travel to every place in time we would which on this earth at least. We would probably visit the dinosaurs, proto-earth, but surelly would be amused to visit homo-erectus and homo-sapiens when they lived in caves. When we travelled back then, we would try to look at them from a certain distance so as not to interupt his life and panic him, because even if we wanted we could not explain to him who we were and who we came from. The only thing we could do and have any practical use was to see them from a distance. So say that we were citizens of decayed earth in 15.000 years after christ would probably want to visit the planet when it was in good shape, with plenty of water, biodiversity and most importantly when we as humans were thriving on this planet and enjoyed all the luxuries our planet has to offer. Can we really explain to people in 2012 say where we came from and most importantly what we want from them? This is the big question. People in 2012 have developed complex technology, a complex socio/political/economic system and are starting to learn what time and space is. So how would we decide to make ourselves known? Probably in a theatrical and deceptive way, because the people of 2012 already have learnt enough to realize whats behind the moto “visitors from outerspace” and UFO disinformation. We cannot blame them and ofcourse there is not a single motive behind all this sightings. The “alien abduction” research has shown that probably taking in regard the time travelers hypothesis, inetraction is taking place and a certain genetic program is going on involving humans and other anthropobiology. There is enough data collected today that confirms the above, which we may refuse to accept as credible till enough is collected.

Can we blame ourselves when having living beings in factories, altering them genetically and consuming them from their own benefit? Its an ethical answer we cant really answer taking in regard the form of our society and economy today. So if we suppose that in the following thousand years there is a decline in the earth’s well being, thus to ourselves as well, an offspring DNA boost would be something critical in order to be able to survive a baren planet. We till then have created robots like we have today to serve our need, lacking though the virtue of true will and soulfullness as we would describe a human being today. Abduction research has shown that people involved in abductions see that behavior from the greys and all the other being in the hierarchy which in top claims to be a human like figure. In 1984, a year before i was born James Cameron showed that scenario in the movie Terminator, trying to portray what future bio-robots or humans have to gain from going back to the past. Some abductees claim that they get some answers on why all this is taking place and some claim that inter-breedings is involved using their genetic samples. Ofcourse all these claims need to be analyzied and skepticaly examined if we wish to be lead to trustworthy conclusions.

Hypothesizing the whole UFO story is something similar to what i described above the last thing the time travellers would want was to harm us or our planet? We may share the same planet and our actions as a society affects people and whatever will live on this planet from now on. After WWII in arizona during the manhatan project there were several ufo sightings around the test area, portaying a behavior, as not to intercept rather make us aware of the danger nuclear energy has, as till know we have surelly seen. There has not been a report of something trying to harm us or our planes or cities. It would be stupid to do so… like someone going back in time killing his grandfather thus killing himself automatically. Ofcourse we would like to alter his DNA or mix it with our if we had to.

So finaly maybe all this UFO mumbo jumbo going on worldwide, being reported through the internet and also through past writings is something more simple that we could have imagined. Fear is often emotion reported when intercepting when having a sighting for example, though it is the same emotion a captured near to excting tiger feels when researchers try to take her DNA and try to save it from exctintion, ofcourse for the benfit of its own species. The tiger for example is not able to understand why it’s being “abducted” and what is the purpose of all that going on. So maybe it is important today to see all this UFO mythology  and conduct true science in order to start to understand why all this is going on. Some Goverments clearly try to cover up any information having to do with this subject for their own reasons. Maybe it is important today firstly to look at all this calm and without fear and maybe start to understand the motives of a visitors and their actions. We not often judge ourselves for harming the planet and other living beings on it, though we judge someone else who may be just trying to save himself from whatever unpleasant the future may hold for our planet. 21 dec 2012 is coming soon enough, and having the luxury to live half an hour from a lush forest mountain with a traditional greek village, i hope at least to share this time of astronomic rarity and report my first sighting from a historically important geographical region on this planet. And if not the “hypothesis” label on these articles persists… since i have never experienced a sighting myself.

All the 4 articles i’ve compiled may as well be unsupported with real evidence, so why i had to label them as “hypothesis”. Though they open a pandoras box. The findings of the whole spectrum of UFOlogy are hard to be digested, even more conducting trustworthy conclusions. I would be glad to be discredited or having your thoughts shared on this topic on the comment box below.

Below ive embedded an interesting documentary on how our planet may probably end up in the far future


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