Posted by: antyx | April 18, 2013

The post 21 Dec 2012 era


A lot has been said about what would happen in 21 dec 2012. The ending of time, tsunamis, earthquaqes or a meteor coming to earth. Ignorance can leed people to asume unreasonable things and be scared of what they are not able to understand. Everyone asked me what will happen in 21 dec 2012 not being able to understand why that date what actually noteworthy. I just told them its a rather rare astronomical dte which occures every 26.000 years and almost all of our planets, sun, aligns with the center of our milky way galaxy. There was not reason to asume a catastrophy would occur because we would have recorded it through geological findings because the alignment  happens constantly throughout history of our Earth. Evdidently nothing really happened that day, not even the motion of the waters in Chalkida where i live changed their constant patern of motion due the the lunar gravidational attraction. Society just passed on that date feeling relieved and safe once again, following their lives and their Christmas holidays.

Nevertheless that date is trully siginifcant in a way we must just to understand. Evidently the motion of the planets, in a mysterious and esoteric way shaped our personality and our everyday lives. I personaly dont really read astrology though i have found some truths in some ancient writings on that topic. From rhe date of conception till your birth and throughout life space seems to shape some things on our character and living. Evidently the motion of the earth around its self makes the duration of our day, and the whole planeteray biology is driven by that cycle. The cycle of the earth around our sun shapes our seasons, thus marking a bigger biological cycle. Throughout my Information Technology course in Crete, there was a need to analyze everything in a broad mathematical way. Every aspect of an informational system, in order to be designed it had be analyzed in a strict theorical base and then if it was valid, we used some certain programing tools in order to deploy it. It offered a way of using your analytic mindset in order to contruct and understand the technology we use today.

Thus today science works in the same manner, following strict theoretic tools in order to construct a theory and then deploy its applications. Science though frequently lacks the tools in order to explain certain things that occur around us. Consiousness, life, death, fate, luck are just some terms which we strugle to fully understand. Science seems unable to give us a reasonable anwer for all these puzzling notions. From ancient times, humans used esoteric philosophy which usually evolved into religion, which wss a quite effective way of dealing with such terms. Various cicivliations managed to construct a vast literature about almost everything, which some amazingly enough were led to conclutions which we confirm today through expreriements like the CERN particle collider. Ofcourse today philosophy is weak, and most philophers label themselves as “theorics” usually having no scientific backround. Scientist usually are constrained to their experiments and valid scientific data in order to construct solid colcutions. Ofcoure its the safer way to day with a complex subject.


Philosophy today finds it hard to advance, and we are usually strugle to understand ancient writings and the truths they convay. We stand on a point on history where technology and goods are widely available at least in the west, though lack the bckround in order to use their full potentials. The internet, this new hyper medium which was comercialy introduced during the 90’s just started to show in 2012 signs of being a holistic informational platform. Today you can find almost anything you want to know in a matter of seconds. The state of the internet today shows the potentials and is probably the best tool we ought to use for our own benefit. The advance of the internet for instance musn’t be seen in a contraited technological frame. The main issue is to note the impact all this information will have to people and society itself. As many science fictions authors foresaw, this informational web will excist around us, without even be able to see it. In our homes, phones, cars and atmosphere, information will flow around us.

So what does all this conclude to? This crucial date may be the starting point of a new revolution, as the industrial revolution in the 18th century changed everything around us, now were facing an innevitable conscious shift. The post 21 dec era mysteriously enough marked a cosmic event which we are starting to realize its impact. Paraphysical phenomena, like ufos, light balls, cropcircles, spirits and mysterious events start to make some sense to us. Fear was the mean factor when dealing when them ofcourse. As we have a certain leel of understanding the world around us and our cattle just excist withough being able to understand the reason everything is around them, we sometimes are in the same standpoint. We see a strange phenomenon and try to make sense of it using our narrow minded social backround.


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