About Me

By being here, you must be wondering who is behind this web journal. Well here is a little something about me: I’m a 28 year old Applied Informatics & Multimedia graduate from Greece who somehow tries to be stimulated by various notions and formations he perceives through the physical and digital world. I try to give everyone a piece of my mind, always trying to express my creativity through my writings. It’s very important for me to write readable and informative articles with links of the main highlights for further searching and not simply my dear diary entries. My articles as you can see are written in English because i thought that i should not limit my audience using my native language. Your comments are my reward on my effort of inner expression, so please don’t hesitate on leaving your personal thoughts. All critiques, good or bad are accepted. Peace and love to all!

Recent Project: www.opentvbox.gr

Professional Profile: www.nickounis.gr

Tech Blog: http://quantaofnoise.wordpress.com

Social Networking: Last.fm Profile

Photo Albums: Flickr Sets

Random Thoughts: Twitter Profile



  1. can’t wait to start reading your
    articles. at work now so have
    to be discreet.

    peace from the U.S.

  2. Anyway, my heart is hoping it’s the same guy. ,

  3. Entity An organization that stores, processes or transmits account information. ,

  4. hi !
    i am looking for your email since 2 days because i would like to be in touch with you about the openwebtvplatform. could you please write me back?

    • well… telling me your email address i meant.. 🙂

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