Season 5 Sci-fi Story

At some point i got trapped into my academic like writing style about various subjects ilcuding my own personal experiences. Apparently i enjoy thinking and also dreaming outside the box so i started writing a short science fiction story. I cant say i myself am a passionate sci-fi reader and i have only read a handfull of books till now. I can surrely though point out some of my favourite books which are all writen by Sir Arthur Clarke.

Arthur Clarke stands as one of my favourite and most inspiring writer of all times. His stories always convay an inner thruth and an important meaning under the utopian scenery he describes. The characters play a crusial role in his books and their actions or way of thinking can be paralleled with our everyday mindstate. He judges the control systems of each time and tries to express the hazards of technology and science.

So i lay down one night, just before sleep, and tried to form in my head the 1st article of a complete fiction story i had written during autumn of 2008. Having my girlfriend as a muse for inspiration, i started forming this short story, paying high attention to detail. Its a blend of personal experiences, scientific knowledge, cutting edge technology, esoterism, mysticism and ofcourse a lot of imagination. Please forgive me if i delay on publishing each chapter though i assure i you i have worked out the plot and the ending of the story.

Just click on the link below to select the chapters of the story you want to view:



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