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The post 21 Dec 2012 era


A lot has been said about what would happen in 21 dec 2012. The ending of time, tsunamis, earthquaqes or a meteor coming to earth. Ignorance can leed people to asume unreasonable things and be scared of what they are not able to understand. Everyone asked me what will happen in 21 dec 2012 not being able to understand why that date what actually noteworthy. I just told them its a rather rare astronomical dte which occures every 26.000 years and almost all of our planets, sun, aligns with the center of our milky way galaxy. There was not reason to asume a catastrophy would occur because we would have recorded it through geological findings because the alignment  happens constantly throughout history of our Earth. Evdidently nothing really happened that day, not even the motion of the waters in Chalkida where i live changed their constant patern of motion due the the lunar gravidational attraction. Society just passed on that date feeling relieved and safe once again, following their lives and their Christmas holidays.

Nevertheless that date is trully siginifcant in a way we must just to understand. Evidently the motion of the planets, in a mysterious and esoteric way shaped our personality and our everyday lives. I personaly dont really read astrology though i have found some truths in some ancient writings on that topic. From rhe date of conception till your birth and throughout life space seems to shape some things on our character and living. Evidently the motion of the earth around its self makes the duration of our day, and the whole planeteray biology is driven by that cycle. The cycle of the earth around our sun shapes our seasons, thus marking a bigger biological cycle. Throughout my Information Technology course in Crete, there was a need to analyze everything in a broad mathematical way. Every aspect of an informational system, in order to be designed it had be analyzed in a strict theorical base and then if it was valid, we used some certain programing tools in order to deploy it. It offered a way of using your analytic mindset in order to contruct and understand the technology we use today.

Thus today science works in the same manner, following strict theoretic tools in order to construct a theory and then deploy its applications. Science though frequently lacks the tools in order to explain certain things that occur around us. Consiousness, life, death, fate, luck are just some terms which we strugle to fully understand. Science seems unable to give us a reasonable anwer for all these puzzling notions. From ancient times, humans used esoteric philosophy which usually evolved into religion, which wss a quite effective way of dealing with such terms. Various cicivliations managed to construct a vast literature about almost everything, which some amazingly enough were led to conclutions which we confirm today through expreriements like the CERN particle collider. Ofcourse today philosophy is weak, and most philophers label themselves as “theorics” usually having no scientific backround. Scientist usually are constrained to their experiments and valid scientific data in order to construct solid colcutions. Ofcoure its the safer way to day with a complex subject.


Philosophy today finds it hard to advance, and we are usually strugle to understand ancient writings and the truths they convay. We stand on a point on history where technology and goods are widely available at least in the west, though lack the bckround in order to use their full potentials. The internet, this new hyper medium which was comercialy introduced during the 90’s just started to show in 2012 signs of being a holistic informational platform. Today you can find almost anything you want to know in a matter of seconds. The state of the internet today shows the potentials and is probably the best tool we ought to use for our own benefit. The advance of the internet for instance musn’t be seen in a contraited technological frame. The main issue is to note the impact all this information will have to people and society itself. As many science fictions authors foresaw, this informational web will excist around us, without even be able to see it. In our homes, phones, cars and atmosphere, information will flow around us.

So what does all this conclude to? This crucial date may be the starting point of a new revolution, as the industrial revolution in the 18th century changed everything around us, now were facing an innevitable conscious shift. The post 21 dec era mysteriously enough marked a cosmic event which we are starting to realize its impact. Paraphysical phenomena, like ufos, light balls, cropcircles, spirits and mysterious events start to make some sense to us. Fear was the mean factor when dealing when them ofcourse. As we have a certain leel of understanding the world around us and our cattle just excist withough being able to understand the reason everything is around them, we sometimes are in the same standpoint. We see a strange phenomenon and try to make sense of it using our narrow minded social backround.

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The extra-terrestrial intelligence hypothesis [part 4]


In the previous part tried to emphasize the fact that we must take in regard the fact that time travel today at least in theory is feasible and probably will be practicaly doable in some point in the future. Technology will probably advance in a geometric pace since all the foundations were built during the 20th century. So it is imprant to take in regard that probably we humans all all the intelligent biorobots we will probably produce will be abl to travel through time, using technology which Germans during WWII started experimenting with, using knowledge from esoteric writings.

Recent geologic findings on earth and in mars show that a planet like ours tends to decay, losing its atmopshere and water. Mars has traces of lakes, rivers and still has ice today on its caps. Today it is bombareded with radiation and we probably would find only traces of life today. Unfortunatelly in some several thousands of years our planet will have the same fate as Mars had. So if we suppose that in the next 100 years we knew the ozon layer started rapidily go away, the planet started heating up fast, so that the atomosphere and water started to go away where living on the surface of this planet was not viable. We would have to invent technology to make life sustainable at least for us and escape somehow the same amount of cosmic radiation as mars has today. The only solution would be to build underground cities and facilities. Because we know for sure today that someday in the next several thousands of years that will happen and till then our technology will have unlocked travelling in time and space we would surelly want to visit our planet as it was when so many people were, in a watery green surface will all that biodivercity is has today. So i suppose that calling the whom are behind this UFO mumbo jumbo may as well be us and our biorobots from the future. Ofcourse in that occation some time paradox would occur when chaning the past. So as Vallee stated we are just starting as a society to understand time in space, thus what UFOs really are.

Let’s take an analogy: Imagine that we today have built a machine to travel in time and we could travel to every place in time we would which on this earth at least. We would probably visit the dinosaurs, proto-earth, but surelly would be amused to visit homo-erectus and homo-sapiens when they lived in caves. When we travelled back then, we would try to look at them from a certain distance so as not to interupt his life and panic him, because even if we wanted we could not explain to him who we were and who we came from. The only thing we could do and have any practical use was to see them from a distance. So say that we were citizens of decayed earth in 15.000 years after christ would probably want to visit the planet when it was in good shape, with plenty of water, biodiversity and most importantly when we as humans were thriving on this planet and enjoyed all the luxuries our planet has to offer. Can we really explain to people in 2012 say where we came from and most importantly what we want from them? This is the big question. People in 2012 have developed complex technology, a complex socio/political/economic system and are starting to learn what time and space is. So how would we decide to make ourselves known? Probably in a theatrical and deceptive way, because the people of 2012 already have learnt enough to realize whats behind the moto “visitors from outerspace” and UFO disinformation. We cannot blame them and ofcourse there is not a single motive behind all this sightings. The “alien abduction” research has shown that probably taking in regard the time travelers hypothesis, inetraction is taking place and a certain genetic program is going on involving humans and other anthropobiology. There is enough data collected today that confirms the above, which we may refuse to accept as credible till enough is collected.

Can we blame ourselves when having living beings in factories, altering them genetically and consuming them from their own benefit? Its an ethical answer we cant really answer taking in regard the form of our society and economy today. So if we suppose that in the following thousand years there is a decline in the earth’s well being, thus to ourselves as well, an offspring DNA boost would be something critical in order to be able to survive a baren planet. We till then have created robots like we have today to serve our need, lacking though the virtue of true will and soulfullness as we would describe a human being today. Abduction research has shown that people involved in abductions see that behavior from the greys and all the other being in the hierarchy which in top claims to be a human like figure. In 1984, a year before i was born James Cameron showed that scenario in the movie Terminator, trying to portray what future bio-robots or humans have to gain from going back to the past. Some abductees claim that they get some answers on why all this is taking place and some claim that inter-breedings is involved using their genetic samples. Ofcourse all these claims need to be analyzied and skepticaly examined if we wish to be lead to trustworthy conclusions.

Hypothesizing the whole UFO story is something similar to what i described above the last thing the time travellers would want was to harm us or our planet? We may share the same planet and our actions as a society affects people and whatever will live on this planet from now on. After WWII in arizona during the manhatan project there were several ufo sightings around the test area, portaying a behavior, as not to intercept rather make us aware of the danger nuclear energy has, as till know we have surelly seen. There has not been a report of something trying to harm us or our planes or cities. It would be stupid to do so… like someone going back in time killing his grandfather thus killing himself automatically. Ofcourse we would like to alter his DNA or mix it with our if we had to.

So finaly maybe all this UFO mumbo jumbo going on worldwide, being reported through the internet and also through past writings is something more simple that we could have imagined. Fear is often emotion reported when intercepting when having a sighting for example, though it is the same emotion a captured near to excting tiger feels when researchers try to take her DNA and try to save it from exctintion, ofcourse for the benfit of its own species. The tiger for example is not able to understand why it’s being “abducted” and what is the purpose of all that going on. So maybe it is important today to see all this UFO mythology  and conduct true science in order to start to understand why all this is going on. Some Goverments clearly try to cover up any information having to do with this subject for their own reasons. Maybe it is important today firstly to look at all this calm and without fear and maybe start to understand the motives of a visitors and their actions. We not often judge ourselves for harming the planet and other living beings on it, though we judge someone else who may be just trying to save himself from whatever unpleasant the future may hold for our planet. 21 dec 2012 is coming soon enough, and having the luxury to live half an hour from a lush forest mountain with a traditional greek village, i hope at least to share this time of astronomic rarity and report my first sighting from a historically important geographical region on this planet. And if not the “hypothesis” label on these articles persists… since i have never experienced a sighting myself.

All the 4 articles i’ve compiled may as well be unsupported with real evidence, so why i had to label them as “hypothesis”. Though they open a pandoras box. The findings of the whole spectrum of UFOlogy are hard to be digested, even more conducting trustworthy conclusions. I would be glad to be discredited or having your thoughts shared on this topic on the comment box below.

Below ive embedded an interesting documentary on how our planet may probably end up in the far future

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The extra-terrestrial intelligence hypothesis [part 3]


Μια πρόσφατη θέαση αγνώστου ταυτότητας ιπτάμενου αντικειμένου στην Κρήτη το 2010

Αυτή η σειρά άρθρων αποτελεί μια αέναη αναζήτηση για απαντήσεις και συμπεράσματα που αφορούν την θεώρηση υπάρξης εξωγηνινης νοϋμοσυνης, ένα αντικείμενο πολύ παρεξηγημένο και που επιστήμονες διστάζουν να εξετάσουν με σοβαρότητα. Μέσα απο την αναζήτηση αυτή έχω ξεχωρίσει αρκετούς ερευνητές / συγγραφείς όπως οι Jaquees Vallee, Alan Heinek, Budd Hopkings και John Mack κ.α. Συγκεκριμένα ο Vallee, ένας επιστημόνας με εκτενές ερευνητικό έργο έχει καταφερεί να προσσεγγίσει το αντικείμενο της Ουφολογίας αρκετά ανοιχτά και μη συμβατικά. Διαφωνεί με τον όρο “Extra Terrestrial” εως απλά επισκέπτες από άλλους πλανήτες. Αναγνωρίζει πως η κοινωνία είναι αρκέτα ανώριμη ώστε να κατανοήσει την πραγματική φύση των περιέργων μεταφυσικών φαινομένων και τις μαρτυρίες όσων βιώσαν μια θέαση ή απαγωγή. Ισχυρίζεται ότι έχουμε να κάνουμε με κάτι αρκετά πιο σύνθετο και πέρα απο την δυνατότητα κατανοήσης μας σύμφωνα με τις μέχρι τώρα επιστημονικές μας γνώσεις.

Οι υποθέσεις και τα συμπεράσματα του J. Vallee στο φάσμα της Ουφολογίας υπερβαίνουν τις σύνηθες κοινωνικές αντιλήψεις. Τους ονομάζει Ultra Terrestrials, που τους καθιστά διαφορετικούς όχι μόνο από το που έρχονται χωρικά αλλά και από πιο επίπεδο πραγματικότητας ή διάστασης. Οι πρόφατες κοσμολογικές διαπιστώσεις της λεγόμενης “Νέας Κοσμολογίας” και Αστροφυσικής αναγωρίζει έστω και θεωρητικά ότι η μεταφορά σε χρόνο είναι δυνατή καθώς και η υπάρξη πολλαπλών διαστάσεων. Αρχίζουμε λοιπόν ότι πιθανόν μια εξελεγμένη νοϋμοσυνη θα είναι σε θέση να μετασχηματίζει τον χρόνο, τον χώρο και την βαρύτητα. Λαβμάνοντας υπόψιν τις μαρτυρίες θεασεων επιβεβαιώνουν την υπόθεση αυτή. Ο J. Vallee ακολουθεί μια αυστηρή επιστμονική προσσέγγιση στο θέμα, βγάζοντας συμπεράσματα από την ανάλυση στατιστικών δεδομένων και την συλλογή στοιχείων. Μας συστήνει την εννοια ενός “σύστηματος έλεγχου” που επιβάλουν οι επισκέπτες μας, που με την σειρά μας το ανάγουμε συνήθως σε συμβολικό και μυθολογικό πλαίσιο. Προσπαθεί να κρατήσει μια απόσταση από απλουϊστικές προσσεγισεις που συντάμε συνήθως στην Ουφολογία. Πρέπει να παραδεχτούμε ότι ο κλάδος αυτός προκαλεί σύνχηση και συναντάμε ψευδοεπιστημονικές προσσεγγίσεις. Έτσι υπάρχει μια δυσκολία ακόμη να αντιμετωπίσει η κοινωνία το θέμα αυτό σοβαρά.

Η κοινωνία έχει την ανάγκη για την αίσθηση ασφάλειας και μια παραδοχή των Κυβερνήσεων για γνώση έστω και μέρους της αλήθειας για υπάρξη μη εξωγηινων πολιτισμων θα προκαλούσε την αποσταθεροποίηση των κοινωνικών δομών.Υπάρχει πλήθος επίσημων κυβερνητικών εγγράφων που αποδικνύουν την συγκάληψη των παράξεξων αυτών φαινομένων, κάτι πέρα από τον έλεγχο τους. Καμία επίσημη εξουσία δεν πρόκειται να παραδεχτεί ότι ενδεδιγμένα υπάρχει κάτι τόσο “παράξενο” και πέρα τους δικού της ελέγχου. Υπάρχει πλήθος επίσημων καταγραφών θεάσεων ακόμη και πάνω από τον λευκό οίκο ή στην τελετή έναρξης των ολυμπιακών αγώνων του Λονδίνου το 2012. Θα πρέπει να συμπεράνουμε ότι και εάν είναι αυτά τα ιπτάμενα αντικείμενα προσπαθούν να κάνουν αισθητή την παρουσία τους ώστε να παραδεχτούν οι αρχές την ύπαρξη της. Η θεατρικότητα με την οποία οι θεάσεις UFO μας δείχνουν ότι γίνεται προετοιμασία του εδάφους ώστε να αρχίσουμε να κατανοούμε κάτι αρκετά πιο σύνθετο απότι ειμαστε σε θέση να κατανοήσουμε. Τα ιπτάμενα αντικείμενα είναι σε θέση να μετασχηματίζουν τον χρόνο, χώρο και ενέργεια. Θα ήταν τραβηγμένο να πούμε οτι απλά πρόκειται για μυστικά κυρνητικά προγράματα.

Για να δούμε τα πράγματα πιο ξεκάθαρα εάς πάρουμε μια αναλογία: Μια απομονωμένη φυλη στον αμαζόνιο με προτόγονες ικανότητες και γνώσεις θα δουν ένα συμβατικό αεροπλάνο και θα πουν ότι προκείται για θεότητα και θα την ονομάσιουν αναλόγων με τις θρησκευτικές τους παραδόσεις. Θα περιγράφαν τους επιβαίνοντες του αεροπλάνου με απίστευτες ικανότητες και θα επινοούσαν μια μυθολογία ώστε να ερμηνεύσουν τις θεάσεις τους. Αυτό που είδαν είναι απόλυτα αληθές, η εξήγηση τους για το αεροπλάνο περιορίζεται στις κοινωνικές παραδόσεις. Οι ερευνητές έχουν καταγράψει μύθους και παραδόσεις που αφορούν θεούς και υπερόντα σε πρωιμους πολιτισμούς με παρόμοιες περιγραφές των όντων αυτων (γκρίζοι π.χ.) με αυτές σήμερα, περικλύονται κάθε φορά σε ένα συγκεκριμένο κοινωνικο πλαίσιο. Σε καμία περίπτωση δεν είμαστε σε θέση σαν προηγμένη τεχνολογική κοινωνία ότι ειμαστε σε θέση κατανόησουμε τα φαινόμενα αυτά

Για να αρχίσουμε να κατανούμε όλα αυτά τα φαινόμενα, πρέπει να μην κάνουμε χρήση κοινωνικών/πολιτισμικών ετικετών. Ο μόνος τρόπος να κατανοήσουμε όλα αυτά είναι διαμέσου της επιστημονικής οδού, συλλεγόντας δεδομένων, αναλύωντας τα και βγάζοντας συμπεράσματα που συνάυδουν με την συγχρονη συμπαντική φυσική. Η συμπεριφορά των ανεξήγητων ιπτάμενων αντικείμενων δείχνει οτι θέλουν να κάνουν την παρουσία τους αισθητή. Όπως οι ανθρωπολόγοι ειναι ιδιαιτέρως προσεκτικοί όταν επιχειρούν να επικοινωνήσουν με μια απομονομένη φυλή, ένας εξελιγμένος εξωγηινός πολιτισμός θα πρέπει να είναι αντιστοίχως προσεκτικός.

Βασικό κίνητρο της ερευνας μου στο παρεξημένο αυτό αντικείμενο είναι η περιέργεια. Δεν έχω σκόο να καταλήξω σε  παγιωμένα συμπεράσματα, αλλά κύριως να αφυπνίσω την λογική σκέψη. Ορισμένοι ασχολούνται με το αντικείμενο της Ουφολογίας περιορίζονται σε κλειστά συστήματα σκέψης και δημιουργούν αιρέσεις που δεν διαφέρουν από τις περιοριστικές Θρησκίες. Το αντιμετώπιζω σαν ένα σύνθετο και πολυδιάστατο επιστημονικό αντικείμενο που μόλις αρχίσαμε να κατανοούμε. Η αναζήτηση πανω στο αντικείμενο αυτό δεν έχει τέλος και όρια και συνεχώς ανακαλύπτουμε νέα ευρήματα. Όπως η αλήθεια που αποτελεί ένα fractal χωρίς τέλος

This everalasting series i feel to eager to continue publishing reflects a personal search on a untapped subject, so much misunderstood and laughed upon. I’ve watched so many documentaries, amateur youtube videos and started reading some very thought provoking books from some qualified researchers on that field. Jaquees Vallee, Budd Hopkings and John Mack to name a few. Especially Vallee, a French astronomer, scientist and UFO researcher who managed to keep his head clear and conduct pure scientific research on that field. He strongly disagrees on the “Extra Terrestrial” term just as visitors from other planets etc. He acknowledges that as a human society we stand quite immature in order  to understand what all those strange phenomena and those puzzling testimonials from witnesses. He claims that we are dealing with something stranger than we could expect.

His insights on the spectrum of UFOlogy exceed society’s perceptional and educational capacities. He names them Ultra Terrestrials, which make them differ not only from where they come from, but from what dimention and time they actually come from. That can be a logical conclution taking in mind that the field on New Cosmology and Astophysics aknolegdes theoritcaly at least that time travel is feasable and that other hidden dimentions do excist. We are starting to realize that an advanced intelligent lifeform may be able to manipulate time, space and gravity. Taking in mind the data and tesimonies from witness may confirm that hypothesis. Vallee follows a strict scientific path of investigation, concluding things only by the analysis of his data, and trying to disconnect his thought system from that of mainstream society, even from mainstream UFOlogy. We would have to agree that the field of UFOlogy may be misleading and the people that mostly represent it are not even researchers and scientists. So evidently society doesn’t still take UFOsseriously.

Society usually needs to feel secure, safe and a Goverment’s confession on knowing part of the truth would probably cause social chaos. In my opinion the Governments worldwide have acknowledged unofficially strange phenomena, which probably are more they can control and handle. No official authority would publically say that there is “something” utterly strange and uncontrolable because we all know that every authority wants to show everyone who’s in charge. There have been documented sightings over the White House, Phoenix Lights and London 2012 Olympics. We would have to conclude that what ever they are, they are trying to communicate something to society and make the officials admit something strange is going on. The theatrical style of UFO sightings show us that we are being prepared in order to understand something more complex we would ever imagine. The crafts show extraordinary abilities to bend time, space and energy. We would be fool to say that these are top secret government projects.

To see things more clearly we must put all this in an analogy. A secluded tribe in the amazon, with  primitive skills and education may see a flying plane and say that it actually is a god which they would name accordingly to their trribe’s traditions. They would give the beings in the plane extrodrinary abilities and possibly construct a mythology in order to be able to explain their sightings. What they saw may be true, though their explaination of a plane flying over the amazon forest is constricted to their educational and social constrains. Researchers have documented myths and traditions having to do with Gods and hyperbeings in primitive cultures which although are destribed physicaly the same as the Extra Terrestrials Greys, are embodied in a certain cultural descritpion. We must be fool to say that we, as advanced western humans, are able to understand all this strangeness. The “Extra Terrestrial” label is similar to the analogy of saying that they are just Gods from above.

In order to start to understand these strange phenomena we must dissattach ourselves from cultural/social constraints or labels. The only way we can start to make sense of all this, is through a strict scientific path, collecting data, analyzing them and then trying to make conclusions taking in mind the advances on theoretic physics today. The pattern and behavior of all this strange phenomena seem to consist a systematic effort of someone trying be seen in public. To make us start wonder and puzzle ourselves what may be out there. As western humans we must be very cautious when contacting a secluded amazonian tribe, a much more advanced culture that us needs to take the same cautious steps.

My motivation on compiling these article series is driven by pure curiosity  My aim is not to make anyone conclude anything, rather to wake up one’s analytic and logical mind set. People tend to constrain themselves even in the UFOlogy field to certain thought systems and cults, with a similar narrow view of  narrow minded Religions. I treat all these as an untapped complex scientific field, which we are just starting to understand. The spectrum may involve intelligence and biology so much different than we know it. I would never think that seeking the truth leads to an end where we could say, aha know we know it all. The truth is a constant path, where regardless of how we dig, we still discover new things. Truth is just like a fractal, with no end to be seen

Samothraki Decoration

Music to me has always been a food for my brain. Without i tend to act and think in a worse manner. I had compiled a personal guide before 3,5 years, when i had originaly opened this blog with the top 10 artists which inspired me some time ago. Since then i have seen many of them performing live during the electronic music festival i so eagerly attend every year. Shpongle last year in Ozora festival was an absolute disaster which unfortunately the “Shpongle band” tried to experiment performing something that sounded like Radiohead. Nevertheless there have been many new upocoming artists since which i will be numbered according to my which i like most.

Note: There are already some artists which i would include after these 3 years though i wont because i feel this list must be unique mostly according to my listening habbits

1. Banco de Gaia

Toby Marks holds a profound place in the artists who formed ambient music in the early 90’s. He holds a rich discography with his first albums being more innovative and inique. His tracks are an endless personal journey of his spiritual and psysical journeys through tibet. I had the chance of seeing him live at Ozora festival where i mostly enjoyed his live set. I will also have the chance to see him in a week in Samothraki, Greece which i am really looking forward to.

2. Kalpataru Tree

A notable upcoming artist who has released to excellent albums which incorporate a blend of liquid baselines with cutting edge psychill mastering. All of his tracks show a consistency and a flow which to me personally enjoy listening to when i require a mental balance in order to perform a certain thought consuming task. The name of his first album reflects the quality and depth of his musical production. Unfortunately he is from the US so i haven’t had the luck yet to see him perform live.

3. Makyo

This psychill artsist holds many albums to his name. The production quality is high frequntly embeding eastern elements into his tracks. His music provides the best late night candle experience, giving a seducing layout throughout his albums. Till now i havent had the luck to see him perfom live because i think he lives in Japan.

4. Side Liner

Nick Miamis who i happen to know personally is one of Greece’s profound psychill sitarists. He is the owner of cosmicleaf records which is the home label of many international chill artists. He holds many albums in his production history with his last one being exceptionally good. I frequently see him performing live in various underground events in Athens, where he always appears modest and sincere.

5. Sundial

This polish ambient trance project is one of my favorites from Ultimae records. They have produced two albums with crystal clear ambient trance sound, which frequently features in ultimae’s releases. Their last 2011 album consisted of some mixes and original tracks.

6. Cell

Also a notebale french psychill artists that releases under ultimae records. His sounds clarity and mastering pquality is similar to that of Carbon Based Lifeforms. I have seen him sever times perfom live and never fails to provide an experience which stands to his reputation.

7.  Astropilot

A new comer in the psychill gerne from Russia. He performed 3 sets in Aurora Festival 2011 – Samothraki, Greece. His performance was exceptional with variety of moodswings during his live sets performed

8. Chilled C’quence

A chill duo from Portugal with two albums in their behalf.  Their tracks are a wonderful blend of melodic electronic music with inspiring voice samples from movies

9. Adham Shaikh

A producer from the US with a notable discography with a nice blend of electronic sounds and traditional organic tunes.

10. Globular

A newcomer under the dub gerne. A UK electronic artist with some notable EP’s with spacey dub sound where we could say that Ott could find his master

The above lazy list a compiled consists of all the artists i could note with a decent discography. Nowdays i dont listen the same amount of music i used to and the rate of new artists discovery is low. Eitherways it would be wise to check out the similar artists to each above listed and im sure that you’ll find some interesting stuff

Mayan depiction of a flying deity

Our history is filled with astonishing myths and legends which till today are taught from each generation to the next. From an early age, every  organized society had plenty of myths involving Gods and deities which come from the sky and the stars. On my personal search on the extra-terrestrial hypothesis i have stumbled upon numerous contradicting incredible interpretations of well known and unknown myths. Throughout time, history was mostly recorded and embedded within myths. Even today we have to admit that history is not objective and there is no perfect way of recording history. Even in the 20th century in some cases there historical events are recorded within urban myths and legends.

During my personal research i felt somehow lazy and downloaded all the episodes of the Ancient Aliens (History Channel TV Series) which consist 3 seasons till now, with numerous episodes. I admit i sometimes get put off by the Hollywood style directing of this series though i was amazed of some new historical data i was not aware of. Ofcourse as i would agree with most archaeologists the conclusions which all the “experts” which star in this series are belong to the pseudo-archaeology category. Authors and TV personas such as Erich von Däniken, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, Graham Hancoc and many more claim that ancient civilisations had contact with extra terresrtial races using assumed historical clues which in many cases contradict themselves in order to fit everything in their abstract  teenage method of leading into plausible conclusions. Phrases like “They may as well do…” or “To my view this may serve this purpose…” show the lack of scientific method and iquiry into leading into a robust scientific  theory. Their naiveness reminds me of that many religious groups have, which in order to form their abstract worldview, they neglect basic scientific evidence which contradicts their theory. They percieve ancient societies as ultimately non-capable of percieving notions and using technology a 10year old can easily understand or use today and that their advancement can be explained only by assuming extra-terrestrials were the reason of their great accomplishments.

Nevertheless to my view the ancient astronaut theory is a modern myth to me, not because it may be 100% untrue, but because the conclusions are made with a total lack of scientific inquiry. The authors of various books which consist this theory do not use systematic scientific evidence so that the above theory accepted by the scientific community. To me the “ancient alien” theory shows how modern man, thinks that his technology and understanding is far superior to that of the ancient humans so that when a megalithic archaeological site could not have been constructed by modern technology, immediately claims that an extra-terrestrial must have built it. Even in mythological depictions of human/animal hybrids they neglect how far human imagination and art can go. It would be rather narrow minded of our descendants two thousand years from now to look out our art and theological depictions and assume that all of that must be perceived literally.

The extra-terrestrial hypothesis seems like a maze to me. A rather complex maze which requires plenty of analytic and scientific means of examining this hypothesis. By no way i am willing to use ancient alien hypothesis to build my world view. It is a hypothesis still to me and a rather plausible one indeed. Fear and ignorance may only make us inferior to any other intelligence race that may as well be out there in space or within our planet. We can mostly rely on what we can study and examine today about the UFO hypothesis. Numerous of recorded sightings cannot be treated as something fake or neglected. Something strange is out there and society frequently tends to silently deny it. With very few people around me i can hold a serious conversation about all the above and even wish someone can prove me wrong on my conclusions through robust arguments. My personal research seems sometimes to lead me to more questions and doubts which frequently happens when searching for a certain truth.

The path to understanding everything strange and new by no doubt is science. The reasoning of things around us, though a hypothesis, examination/experiment and which finally leads to a conclusion using all the scientific knowledge which is already proved through the above method. Most of the technologies we use today are a product of this scientific method we have learned to use. Hypothesis and conclusions with no scientific proof, according to what we want to believe to,  do NOT stand in the scientific field. The extra-terrestrial hypothesis today is based on numerous sightings which in most cases defy conventional physics and understanding. Relational speeds and mass show that what ever intelligence is behind has already produced technology of the theories modern cosmology struggles to prove today. Consciousness could not be left outside of all the above. We grasp to understand how consciousness works and strangely enough how our own is affected by mysterious forces around us.

In order to understand any intelligence greater than ours we ought to progress as a species. That consists of social, scientific, technological, political and conscious progress. We still live to some extent in Plato’s cave. All the sightings of strange objects are by no doubt the shadows of reality which we think we perceive to a satisfying extent. The truth is that we aren’t really aware of the true nature of reality itself. We are not able to fully understand what energy and consciousness essentially is, and how it reacts to our physical universe. Modern cosmology is the group of cutting edge scientific fields which may be able to help us start to comprehend the UFO phenomenon which by no doubt is linked to our earth itself. I have to admit that till now i have not been  witness to any single unexplained phenomenon. I cannot really doubt and believe anything till my own eyes convince me of a greater intelligence than ours existing somewhere near us.

I’ve embed a recent UFO sighting in Brazil which to my knowledge has not proven fake till now:

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The extra-terrestrial intelligence hypothesis [part 1]

East Kennett (2), nr Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 22nd July 2011

Intelligence can by no way be credited only to human activity and existence. Intelligence has always existed far before humans started to evolve small numbers into simple and eventually into complex societies. All our social evolution could not have existed if we were not able to produce food easily through agriculture and not spend all our time and intelligence on filling our stomachs. Nevertheless ancient civilizations existed, flourished and perished throughout history. Babylonians, Egyptians, ancient Greeks, Mayan, Atlantean and many more civilizations seemed to strange and evolved to the inferior ones which happened to be more primitive compared the elite societies.

This article though is not devoted to human intelligence rather than anything else which may seem to be more sophisticated, secretive and enigmatic than us. From an early age i was intrigued by mystery, unexplained phenomena and whenever i could doubt about the establishment. There were numerous of unexplained phenomena which eventually through scientific inquiry were analyzed and interpreted and became common knowledge by society (meteorological phenomena, psycho-physical phenomena, astrological myths etc.). Today the west, including my home country, Greece, take for sure that almost everything has been explained or the answers are know and kept secret by the army, government etc. To my knowledge and personal research there are numerous of unexplained phenomena which are documented and partialy studies and by logical inquiry are not human related:

  • Unidentified flying or submerged objects that vary in shape, speed size and behaviour, which have shape shifting and invisibility abilities (UFO’s or USO’s)
  • Crop circles and crop formations related to hovering light balls when formed during nightime
  • Testimonials of abductions by non-human being or human hybrids etc
  • Strange implants which have been reported by doctors and hypothetical abductees
  • Sightings of cryptic human like beings which we all know as the greys (Big head, big black eyes and small body compared to human anatomy)
  • Documented animal mutilations where organs have been removed with bizarre methods without scaring the animal

I personally have to admit that have never been witness to any such strange phenomenon mentioned above or have never taken part into field research after the event has taken place. Many strange phenomenon to some, to me through my scientific knowledge can been easily analyzed and explained. Nevertheless i sense there is numerous of evidence which points the way that strange things are happening in our sky, within our planet and in many cases to our subconscious itself. We can all sense that society frequently tries to distract our attention from some events and tries to persuade us that we ought to focus on the “important” things in life. As a 26 year old citizen people around me remind me to find a well earning job, get married and go on with life the normal and the regular things ought to do. I don’t blame them, because life is all about surviving and multiplying of course thought to me life is far more than all the above, it’s about doubting, researching and inquiring notions.

The indigo child curiosity never fails and ceases to stop. As a proud heir of the ancient Greek civilization and land and all its wondrous mysteries and scientific achievements, i spend my adult life in this mysterious and beautiful corner of the Mediterranean sea. As an informatics graduate, i believe and trust in science and crude proof of a hypothesis. Mythology though, especially ancient Greek mythology is a labyrinth of stories, tales and places which i have the luck of being into a striking distance. Till now i have not been able to visit and spend the night at any of these secluded mythic passages of the greek earth and doorways which many of, to our surprise the orthodox church, nazis and air force sealed. The hollow earth hypothesis though exists only as a myth and a daemon of the christianic church. Ancient greeks which i try to understand through their writings and  community with greek nature itself when going camping excursions i so much enjoy going.

My search is not that of despair of finding the truth rather product of the endless curiosity of a childhood. I’ve seen almost every alien and ufo documentary there has been produced though they seem to stopped to giving any clues of the truth and give me no more pieces of the puzzle. Books may be the best way to solve some of my questions and most important raise many more. There are some on my wishlist on ebay which i ought to order soon enough and some which i have at my possession. A greek classic is the ” Hollow Earth –  Κουφια Γη” which is mostly and mix of ancient mythology, suburban myths and testimonials. There are pictures though of places and earth passages i ought to visit and if brave enough dare to camp overnight. Places where are linked to ancient Greek myths, Christianic myths and modern UFO sightings.

All this search has led me to believe that some strange “alien” phenomena hasn’t have to do with advanced civilizations from other galaxies, rather than a homo-cryptic species which in some ways may be more advanced and secretive than us which if any thing has a integrated view on consciousness and energy itself. Their origin may be extra-terrestrial and for some reason inhabit our earth or even be a part of our evolutionary line which for some reason became cryptic and secretive. I by no way want to be drawn to conclusions without thorough examination and thought. There will be surely a second part of this series of articles which ofcourse will follow on several months after i have read some books i ought to and visited some places linked with mythology and modern unexplained sightings. I cannot be sure about anything till i have seen something with my own eyes. Humans are always iclined to want to believe in myths and propaganda of some sort though i personally want to be skeptic before i am drawn to any astonishing theory.

This is a small part of a documentary by UK’s Danny Dyer for BBC : I Believe In UFO’s: Danny Dyer, which to me is quite convincing and confusing at the same time

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Connecting with the source: The Sound [part 3]

The title of this blog entry may sound absurd in a first glance, someone may think. What has sound to do with connecting to the essence of things or to our inner self or otherwise source. Well as you may be aware till now everything i write in this blog express clearly personal view and notions and by no means stand as unmistakable truths. Eitherways one of my passions in life is sound itself. My life is a constant expedition in order to discover the most cutting edge soundscapes and experiences having to do with this form.

Sound itself is nothing else than a vibration of the molecules of air around us and bass may  also be transmitted through earth itself when being outdoors. Music ofcourse is an artform of our human culture and society which uses various techniques in order to produce a well formed and melodic sound. Our primitive ancestors used rough means into achieving that goal. Wood hit on a rock or wood hit against a primitive drum made the first sound forms. Today the instruments someone could use for producing music are uncountable. The music gerne i mostly dig into is electronic music. Crude and unartistic may sound to many, though it is true that a lot of electronic music produced is unbearable to the ear. In the last 20 years, and especially after the dawn of the new millenia numerous electric albums have been produced which blend various classical music elements and instruments in addiction with cutting edge electronic sound. I can name some artists like Shpongle, Makyo, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Cell, Ott and many more as well as many cutting edge psychedelic and progressive trance artists.

My quest for the best sound experience is everlasting. This obsession started from an early age when i was given a Sony Walkman as a birthday present. My first cassettes and radio programs were my first personal music digs i did as a young teenager. The Walkman became a diskman which used CD’s, then in the late 90’s i started using the Internet and the innovative mp3 music format. Since then it is the standard way i listen, aquire and share my music. The earbuds i used in the beginning became computer speakers and now a high fidelity digital sound system, using optical fiber directly from my usb soundcard connected to my macbook, to my 5.1 amp which gives power to a pair of technics speakers and a set of quadral home theater set. It is the best home sound i can get and i don’t think i will upgrade this sound system anytime soon. I try to buy sound equipment that lasts in time.

Sound forms around me are something essential. From the music i listen to to the surrounding noise. Polluted noise like traffic, car horns and random irritating sounds to be act as something mentally pollutive. The sound of nature, crickets, birds, the wind or the sound of sea waves tend to rest my mind and make me feel closer to me. This is the reason i try to go camping in nature as frequent as i can. The camping experiences which i get hyped so much about are the Open Air Psychedelic Festivals i so eagerly tend to go, in Greece where i live or throughout Europe when i have the chance. They are the ultimate holiday break for me, that combines all the elements that give me to much mind food. Cutting edge electronic sound, pure and wonderful nature surroundings and all sorts of stimulants like psychoactives, colors, ethnic food, all this combined with the psychedelic community of each place you go. I usually come back home with my mental and physical batteries recharged in order to do what society expects from me (work, money etc)

If all the above does excite you as well and you want to experience a psychedelic festival yourself here is a small guide in order to do so:

  • Before going to a openair psychedelic festival a basic camping set is required in order not to end up sleeping under the trees (tent, sleeping bag, torch, clothes etc). I have compiled a previous article concerning camping in general so i advise you to have a look at that to know what to expect and carry with you when being in nature for days.
  • Going to such a place can become more fun when you have the right people as company with you. Not many peope, i knoew tend to spending many days in nature especially when being in a psychedelic festival. Even being alone is always worth it, something a i have attmpted in the past. Nevertheless try to go with people which enjoy nature and electronic music as much as it required in order to feel comfortable and relaxed during your stay in a openair festival
  • The planning. As almost everything else today, the internet itself is the best source for information around. Psychedelic festivals could not be an exception to that rule. There are many websites and communities which list parties and festivals which are held in almost every major country and contintinent in the world. From Europe to the US , to africa and asia are places where the global psychedelic culture can be found. The major websites that list such festivals are the following: Goabase, Isratrance, festivals, Psychedelic Traveller
  • Going there may as exciting as the festival itself. Going around Europe is fairly easy, safe and cheap nowdays, if you book in advance ofcourse. Airlines such aseasyjet etc make things dead easy to travel around, though train or by car can also provide a mean of going where the festival is held.  There are also numerous flight search engines around the net, which can help you go wherever you wish. When travelling outside Europe planning and booking several months in advance will be required in order to make an intercontinetal journey feasable. I myself plan for heading for the 1st time outside europe and i may need to book flights at least 6 months in advance.
  • Deciding where to go and what to do before and after the festival. I personally enjoy going for sightseeing and just being a tourist before going to a fest. Going somewhere outoside my country is always a chance to see places which i only see on documentaries. Eaitherways a good way of getting an rough idea of where to go and what to expect is by using Google Earth and Wikitravel. Having common sense and being more streetwise than usuall is also essential in order for your trip to end out as smoothly as possible
  • Interacting with other during your stay in a festival always makes them more memorable and enjoyable. Meeting people like me, who i share the same passion for electronic sound from alll around the world, as well as flirting with wonderful psychedelic ladies which i may have a chance to meet make open-air festivals a peculiar social playground, which i don’t usually experience everyday.

Here is a video trailer one of the best festivals held in Greece: Samothraki 2001, enjoy:.

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Connecting with the Source: Nature [part 2]

Nature today is treated as something foreign to us. Bugs, dirt, sun & the  temperature makes us feel uncomfortable. Modern capitalistic society mistreats it, pollutes it and over uses its resources. People nowadays, generally avoid spending time in nature and not try enjoying it to its full extent. It is really sad to find out that most people prefer watching documentaries on TV but never go spend some days outdoors even when the weather is good. My friends usually react enthusiastically to the idea of free camping but never got down to actually planing or even wanting to come when i decide to go somewhere. I try to avoid other people making me not do stuff, because of their lack of interest or courage to go a long camping trip. I feel so much happy i went to some places even alone and saw it was not so hard as i would have thought of. Outdoor psychedelic festivals fullfilling experiences which take place in nature. Some of them are: Ozora fest (Hungary), Transision fest (Spain), Aurora (Asprovlata, Greece). Though festivals are camping sessions accompanied with plenty of KWatts and the local psychedelic society of each place it is held, free camping as it is called in Greece is an equally fullfilling experience.

Here are some basic tools for enjoying quality time in nature:

  • Transport. Going by car is the easiest way for going somewhere where public transport is not available. Also very convenient because carrying around stuff is required when there is no catering facilities. Using a bicycle is also an option though requires a good physical condition and someone with the same stamina. Public transport though is more cheap, fun but may be more tiring when having overbooked and delayed transits. It is also very tiring when carrying heavy backpacks around
  • Company and friends. I have numerous of friends which i regularly hang out but few of them are willing to live an outdoor experience to its full extent. The idea always excites them though i may end up going to a open air festival alone. Fortunately i regularly get round to organising expeditions, during weekends or preferably for an anual open air festival
  • Camping Gear. Having good and light gear always makes an outdoor expedition more comfortable. This gear involves: Rainproof tent, portable rolling mattresses, a sleeping bag, inflatable mattress (optionally), cooking gear (gas stove, grill, small ports and pans(, water containers (15L plastic water containers, camping bottles), an mp3 player + portable speakers, solar charging equipment, hygiene pack (small shampoos, soaps, toothpaste etc), portable fridge preserve food, backpack bag (small [40L] or big [70L]). Ebay is very cheap way of purchasing innovative camping gear, though sometimes local stores may have better deals.
  • Psychoactives. I generally prefer to include all sensations when being in nature so i sometimes use natural (hemp, mushrooms) or synthetic (LSD, mescaline). Nature itself may be the best psychoactive experience therefore so all the above are mostly optional
  • Physical Activities. They are essential in order to make the most of your time outdoors. Usually for me tin festivals i mostly dance and spend time generally experiencing the psychedelic event. When camping freely fishing, canoeing, beach volley, rackets etc are some physical activities which can  make time in nature really enjoyable
  • Mental activities. Being in nature can become mind expanding voyages. Reading a book while resting in the beach, talking to your co-campers or others why you may meet there and even lying down and gazing the stars may all become ways of unlocking our minds of the daily urban routine and the transfixed superstitions  and ideas of our society
  • The before preparation. Preparing some exciting is always an enjoyable. Research of your place or outdoor festival which you may want to attend is essential, in order to not regret your stay there. Google earth, flickr, forums and even asking other who have already been there are very important for knowing what you should expect there and what you may need to take with you in order to make your stay there mostly enjoyable.
  • The after memories. For me every stay in nature is always memorable and enriches why overall life experiences. Some places i go again, some i judge that its not worth going to again. Nevertheless by your mistakes you learn and judge better on your future expeditions, making you be more prepared and organised

I know i will go on going for camping and outdoor festivals, because i feel nature so close to me. I feel really disappointed when people disrespect nature, when littering and destroying it. I even think of myself to blame for the industrial destructing of it. Western society and economy is based on infinite natural resources, and constant consuming of goods is essential to its stability we are all to blame for the destruction of it in such large scale. When we buy and industrial product we ought to have in mind that everything has a cost, a cost that is not measured in economic terms, than to environmental damage. The biological richness of our planet was there long ago we stepped our foot on this planet. We today act really narrow-minded and act like we own everything and have the right to destroy it. Nature is our home and we ought to protect it. This is the only home we have even known and we act as we don’t care about those who are to come. All those before us, gave us some elements intact, though today we misuse everything like we own it.

It is to our responsibility today, to protect our home which was here so long before us and should be kept as it was in order to sustain the biological diversity it holds, in order to hand it over as it was given to us.

All the pictures in this blog entry are from my last camping excursion in a magical location in Greece

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Connecting with the Source: Space [part 1]


Distractions. They are all around us. It’s all part of the fabric which modern society is constructed upon. They consist of what we have artificially created in order to expand ourselves and our everyday abilities. Technology, entertainment, fashion & trends, occupations, architecture, transport,  economy, arts and uncountable other elements of our society that we spend time & money on, in order to expand our capabilities as a species. We sometimes get over occupied with all these, through our occupation or everyday routine. They may sometimes cover a need we have or most of the time tend to make up false ones.

I myself become frequently distracted with artificial stuff like technology, music and generally possessing things or forget to spend time and energy with activities of more higher importance. It is very important never to neglect activities having to do with the original source. What consists this source? Surely not the central computer in the Matrix movie, or maybe  something resembling that concept. Source is everything having to do with physical nature, from the distant galaxies, the solar system, our biosphere and our selfs as a unity. It is everything that is not created by people and consists of the physical world and universe around us.

Almost every advanced soctiety which marked the global civilsation with cultural and technological advancements had an excellent knowledge and understanding of the night sky. Astronomy always stood as a highly significant activity and knowledge field. It was frequently carried on by the spiritual leaders of each tribe or civilasation. They were called shamen, a spiritual elite who had great understanding of astronomical facts and figures. The night sky always stood as cosmological compass in the spiritual explorations of every civilization. Astronomical elements like the Sun, the Moon, the planets and their periodical movement in the day and night sky played a crucial role in the religion they formed. Our star, the sun always played a leading role amongst all the rest deities which the religion consisted of. Even christianic philosophy today inherited its close connection to the sky. Certain dates around the year which corresponded to soltice celebrations arecarried around in modern societies and most of the time to our full ignorance on their original meaning.

Astronomy though has come much far in our days and has blended with numerous other scientific fields like biology, neurology, informatics, quantum physics etc. This new blend is called new cosmology. It can be conceived as a scientific religion itself where it often comes to a standpoint where is manages to answer many fundamental philosophic questions. The nature of matter, energy, time and space are demystified and analyzed through scientific reasoning. The special theory of relativity for instance uses the above elements in order to make a reasonable and experimentaly confirmed conclusion on their connection. Matter stands as a local curvature of spacetime itself. Spacetime itself is the 4-dimentional reality in which the universe excists in. Time is the projection of the 4th dimention in our 3-dimentional reality. We tend to perceive in our everyday lives as the progressive evolution and decay of matter. This statement was first observed during the 20th century through eclipse observations. We can clearly see that modern cosmological theories which are able to explain numerous philosophic inquiries may otherwise contradict or agree with fundamental religious beliefs.

In every way though, observing the evolutionary process of science and religion the night sky always stood as a keyhole for searching the “truth”. It sometimes stood as motivation for the creation of myths and gods and other times as a logical patern which needed to be further analyzed. The only piece of night entertaitment where humans were able to enjoy 99,9% of our existance on this planet. It’s not strange that it stood as the driving force behind many cultural references. Most of the time these myths were altered throughout time and borrowed from each other, being frequently incorporated within many different religions. We can see that it played a crucial role on social evolution and expansion of human culture. Today unfortunatelly we tend to take the sky as something granted, neglecting its impact on our every day life. Light polution in big cities, stands as a blindfold to modern man, who mostly lives in urban areas. Even though if humans can study astronomy indirectly, the dotted night sphere itself when rising your head up always stands as the ultimate inspiration artwork of the cosmos.

The two dimential skydome as we mostly percieve it today, in which the eliptic rotation of the galactic and solar points of light stand as a limit to our understating. Telescopes were invented in order to overcome our vision limits. Telescopes today can scan the sky almost to any spectrum of radiation contrary to our biological perceptive capabilities. All these advancements in radio-astronomy have produced magnificent images of the cosmos itelf, which were are unable to enjoy otherwise. Systematic observation of the universe has led to astonishing discoveries and the need of expanding physics beyond the Newtonian and Eclydional perception of the physical world as we tend to perceive it in our everyday lives. Reichman geometry which states that all space itself is curved and actually no straight lines exists whatsoever make it hard for us to visualize and fully understand. The field of “New Cosmology” is consisted by numerous of cosmological theories, which revolutionized classical astronomy. It is so hard to learn and keep track of this cutting edge field of science. The hardest thing is to transform your belief system according to this new field. Taking all the new scientific advancements in mind old superstition barriers can easily be crossed.

The cosmos as whole is a mind of itself. Extra terrestrial (non human) intelligence can be found everywhere. From the fundamental particles themselves to the clusters of galaxies, to every structure in our physical world. Everything acts to certain laws or may act chaotically. Even so all behave according to pre-programmed patterns which all add up to the evolution of biological life itself. This cosmic mind in which our biological minds physicaly exist, mysteriously enough have a very close connection to each other. Our mind observes this greater mind through vision, telescopes etc and analyses this information with the use of artificial computing machines, filling in for our arithmetic limitations. The interaction of the cosmos and us known in its popular form called astrology mainly consists of generalizations and incorrect facts, shows the need of most of the people to feel connected to something greater without using a religious path. Each one to one extent or another feels the need to understand and connect to the cosmos, the source where matter and physical elements were originaly created, where energy in the stars molds the buidling blocks of life.

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The 1st Dream. [Chapter 1 of Season 5 sci-fi story]

I always try to find ways of reinventing myself. This just another example of that process. I came to become bored with my blog writing style so i started finalizing the chapters a sci-fi story i had started writing just before i was recruited in the army. Now my previous mindstate is almost regained so i’ve published here the 1st chapter of this fictional story which is inspired by many things mostly what i’ve lived and read till now. Enjoy!


He was alone. Alone though extremely comfortable with that idea that because he was glad he was there. All this felt so close and strangely familiar to him he never hesitated to explore his surroundings and interact with other people around him. Strange as they may seemed all these geometrical patterns filled with colours that surrounded him, glowed  delicately in the night blending with harmonically with this transcending place he seemed to be.  Numerous individuals sharing all great enthusiasm about all this place were there, scattered all around the place or just resting on their personal spaces. Each one was using a different communication code than each other, styling and acting according to his own expressive capabilities, though all this felt so natural and accordingly to this whole experience  that took place. Everyone could feel the vibration all across this mystical place from any distance. All came from the part where the main ritual held place. The ritual held there was the epicentre of this whole act and everyone emphasised to its taking place. It was the main reason everyone was there, in order to be a part of it. Each one with his own expressive colour of vibration became a part of this megascale ancient ritual accompanied with the energy that came from the drum of the shammen, the main coordinators of this whole happening. This energy was an amplified vibration which could be felt through the ground and ofcourse through the surrounding atmophere. All this he knew, was too important to ignore, too important to pass away. He knew all this was something that would eventually shape his existence and personality.

Moments of pure joy piled up and emotions spilled out from him. All this although made him also so sad deep inside. Why? Because he was unable to truly share all this tremendous feelings he experienced with someone else. He knew though he had to ignore this loneliness and just walk on. Although he felt bad about that he  just walked on as everything was ok, back to his reserved resting spot. On his way back as if in a dream he started to perceive things differently. Colours, feelings, smells, and sound came not only from his surroundings, but also were reproduced and mixed in his mind forming patterns unknown to him till then. A whole new way of perceiving the world and nature around him felt more real and right than he could before. Was all this something he had forgotten all about? He knew that his mind was capable and deep inside built for experiencing in such a lucid manner. All these hallucinations did not make him uncomfortable but rather seen as a great opportunity to feel the essence of all the elements that surrounded him. He eventually after that enormous burst of sensations, felt that he needed to be physical alone. Too many thoughts dripping from his mind and speeding upin his head. He never the less felt very capable of dealing with them, in his resting bubble away from the occupants of this small village he mysteriously became  and felt a part of.

To his way to his bubble the night sky stood as his navigational compass. He just walked by the sea, lay down and just tried to have some rest and become inspired by the view above him. Hallucinations gave way to deep and existential thoughts. Just facing his head up, was enough to make him hold his breath from the beauty of all this image he saw. This jewel (κόσμημα) as his ancestors called was a small part of something greater. The cosmos (κόσμος) he knew, was all that was, is or ever will be. He very deep inside felt a part of all this greater beauty. His heart was filled with enthusiasm every time he looked up and sometimes made him spill tears of joy. He could not face his eyes away from this eternal cosmic canvas which he knew was there much before he himself lay foot on that planet. It lay there almost eternally, standing as an inspiration for all those who lived before him and all those who will love after him. Looking at all this that lay above him as something to remind him of his origin, made him feel so little and big at the same time, knowing deep inside that he came from up there. He catched notice of the bright star of Sirius which for no apparent reason made him feel homesick. All this was too silly to explain, though it felt so right to him.

Joy gave eventually way to sadness. There was no apparent reason of feeling sad, though he knew why. He was there alone. Physicaly alone, just he and himself under all this beauty. No one there to hand out this jewel he was given just like that as a present only by being born. Somehow facing up he knew deep inside that he wasn’t alone to appreciate all this. Only someone who was meant to take part on the same ritual could share all this with him. Was that person there in that small colourful town but failed to notice each other? Maybe yes or maybe not. Nothing was sure enough. The only thing he was sure was  that he felt deep inside that he belonged in that summer solstice ritual and only  a person that could become a part of all this as well , was worthy of earning what he wanted so eagerly to give. All these hidden secrets he kept in the deepest corners of his mind. all the complexity and structure he held inside him was needed to be shared, but he was afraid to do so. All these puzzling thoughts made him feel so uncomfortable and uneasy. So heavy and sad thought he wanted to avoid facing himself and these  troubling thoughts. Sleep was the only cure for all this sadness. He decided to head back to his resting place and just try to sleep and dream of finding that person he had in mind. His dreams were his only shelter. The physical exhaustion was so great he lay down, and fell to sleep with only with comforting thought: he deep inside knew that soul is also walking on this planet and through time they will  eventually meet. This soothing thought erased all the fear and sadness of loneliness. He could now sleep and rest into the sea of  tranquillity of his dreams under the endless sea of stars that hung just above him silently, almost as if they stood there eternally.


He woke after the alarming chime that had been transmitted to him by someone or something he was unaware of. He could clearly remember a dream he saw. Pheanor was happy to see that he now he was able to take his task closer to completion. He was convinced deep inside that he was capable of reaching to that point and had devoted his whole existence and finally someday soon he would achieve his  goal. The sleep had lasted for several days, the frequency of which changed progressively according to the completion stage of his task. His sleep could be described as a deep state of trance. Waking up abruptly when sleeping was almost infeasible, though when that happened the consequences could be irreversible. The interruption of such a deep mental state disturbed the rhythm of all this process, where in many cases made the sleepers suffer irreversible consequences. Sleep was required in order to preserve the inner rhythm of the body they were born with. It was an ancient mechanism which altered the individual’s mindstate, and originally served the purpose of provideing physical and mental rest in order to strore energy of everyday aphysical ctivities. Now it resembled hibernation, a process which they had implemented in their genetic information in order of achieving higher goals of conscious awareness. Their sleeping booth were placed deep inside the ground of the celestial body they inhabited. That was done so in order to sync with the energy frequency patterns of their planet.

Pheanor clearly knew that without this time consuming process he could not achieve the goal of enlightenment which he had devoted his life and purpose and existence. When he woke up he vaguely remembered some dreams he had, which most of them were lucid, a technique he had steadily perfected throughout time. Remembering all the details of his dreams could be only done through time where he narrated to his teachers in order to guide him on his mission. In his dreams he regularly confronted his fears and needs and consciously altered the outcome of them. He knew all these were lessons he ought to be tought, though was somehow unsure who or what actually affected his dreams and paved new paths he ought to cross in his deep sleep sessions. He was unsure of the true origin and nature of this parallel reality he experienced every time he slept, though deep inside he felt safe and sure that whatever shaped and affected his dreams, led him to deeper understanding of who he was and what he ought to achieve. He could not remember all his dreams in high detail, though he was aware that all those even if he could not recall them, made him more mature and capable of reaching to a higher understanding of everything. They subconsciously affected his decisions which consequently opened a new path in his life. The only thing that he ought to do was to learn from his dreams and take advice of the elder and wise individuals of his community, on what he ought to do next. All this was essential in order to unfold the prophecy that was about to become true which he somehow strongly felt he would play a protagonist role in it.

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